Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Electronic Journalism's Major Frank Burns Strikes Again!

Once again, Billo the Clown has opened his mouth "A" and inserted his foot "B" on his favorite topic, bashing NB "C". I'm still waiting for the memo that has connected Satan to Bill O'Reilly. Monday night on his comedy hour, Orally in his "Stalking Points", er, "Talking Points" tried connecting NBC Universal again to George Soros, a philantropic billionaire who has ben accused by the far right of contributing to the web sites and Media Matters for America. And once again, he fails big time. And now, it has become tiresome, the same old stuff now being recycled. Well, at least Billo is now going green. As usual, I'll provide what Phineas T. Bluster was actually saying, then translate them into common hunanity. First, Clownie decided to show us a chart that somehow connected, Media Matters...AND MSNBC!

"At the top of the smear chart is the MoveOn organization. George Soros is heavilly invested in that."

Wrong again. was actually founded and is in fact largly funded by two executives from the Silicon Valley, in case you didn't get that memo. George Soros has not contributed a million dollars at all to them. He tried doing this chart thing a few years ago, but as we well know, that flow chart was about as useful as a Domincan Republic baseball player against The Netherlands. That didn't stop Mr. Orally from his continous love afair with us.

"The propaganda arm of MoveOn and other far left pressure groups is Media Metters for America, run by a guttersnipe named David Brock. Brock and his character asassins distribute out-of-context statements to a carefully selected group of corrupt media, headed by MSNBC and to the internet."

What out-of-context statements are we talkking about here, that you were actually correctly quoted on everything that you said? Look in the mirror, Bill. You ae the most misquoted man in the known media business because you take your marching orders from in random order, the GOP, Pirate Rupert and his second in command, Jabba The Hutt.

"Newsweek provides far left commontators to MSNBC on a daily basis."

What do you know, Bill got something right for a change! Besides Richard Wolffe and Johnathon Alter, the show has also ben blessed to have Eugene Robinson and Chris Colizza from The Washington Post, who happens to own Newsweek as well. It's called a "working agreement", Bill. Learn to live with these things. Ah but Billo was now in a "We'll do it live! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!" mode again.

"The goal of course, is to smear conseratives to the media, to ill-informed Americans that those on the right are racist, homophobic, extremeist, whatever."

Nice to know where the real credit goes, and actually, the far right wing has been doing a good job of smearing themselves, without all the help as you put it from, Media Matters and MSNBC. Besides, we just went through eight years of hell with Adolph XLIII, waterboarding, illeagal wiretaps, ruining the Constitution ad the Bill or Rights. Well, Bill, how does it feel to have the other shoe dropping on your feet? Well after some talk about Boss Limbaugh and Michael Steele, Ted Baxter's evil twin decides to surprise us with this:

"Here's something yu'll never see on NBC News or The New York Times: According to a FOX NEWS poll taken in August 2006, 51% of the Democrats wanted President Bush to fail. Fifty one percent."

Translation: One hundred percent of the country was right, but then again Bush was faling on his own.

"I believe NBC and The Times were in that group."

Bill made another funny! Needless to say, it was now getting to the point of grasping for straws, and there were no staws there, even for the one thing Billo cannot stand: lying about something that he lied about.

"Last year at this time, John Edwards was running around saying millions of homless veterans were living under bridges because of the economy. That was bull, and we proved it. The smear machine called me 'anti-vet.'"

This from a man who thought Malmady in World War II was an American massacre, not a German nightmare, and the man who didn't think Sweden as neutral during that time. It had to take none othr than te star of the FOX TV series Dark Angel Jessca Alba to take his stalker/producer, Jesse, to task on that and call Ted Baxter's Evil Twin what h really is: an A-hole. Then after showing a clip of a homeless vet talking with stalker/producer Porter Potty, er, Berry, the funny guy finished with this:

"The smear machine used these poor guys, and routinely does stuff like that. It is disgraceful, and those media participating in organized defamation should be condemned by all fair-minded Americans."

Unless of course you're Fixed Noise, and only then it's fair game, and Generalmissio Bill Orally is in charge.


  1. Thanks. Wait 'til Keith tells you about last night's (3/10) Factor Fiction later tonight!