Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 3/24/09, Only Delayed Because of President Obama's Live Press Conference

First of all, the show is delayed due to President Obama's prime time presser this evening. And after his two-week tour across America (and spring training sites in Arizona and Florida), Keith returns to New York City.

The Tie: Silver-gray with black and white stripes.

Number 5: Isn't it obvious? They just finished coverage a few minutes ago...
AIG, the big cruise liner, calling Ann Compton of ABC News "honey", in other words, just your second Presidential press conference in prime time by Barack Obama. Most of the questions were about the economy of course, especially the $3.6 trillion budget and news of Treasuary Secretary Tim Geitner wanting to take control of any financial sinkhole (read CitiGroup and AIG) if need be. As for the critics in the Good Oldboysandgirls Party, they will be triple dog dared to pass the budget as is or else he'll make them stick their tongues against a frozen street pole in Alaska. Tweety (Chris Matthews) joins us for anaylsis.

So the reporters were more or less zombies more or less, and everyone have to do health care, schools and energy now or else, and Senior Adviser David Axelrod, the man who will deliver the plan to Congress this week, tells all in an interview.

Number 4: Meanwhile, neglected affairs with North Korea and Iran, plus disasterous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, so the question is how are we going to pay for it? Chuck Todd asked it, and President Obama says that the VA was under resourced on PTS or brain trauma, and now the Defense Department procurement will be revamped. So Howard Fineman, has he declared war on another Adolph XLIII policy? Surely that looks like it to us.

Number 3:
Herr Goebles Cheney is getting on the nerves of four congressmen. And guess what? All four of them are Republicans! SURPRISE!!! Any why, you ask? They agree that the policies of opening his mouth are dangerous. That during Sunday night's Steve Kroft interview on 60 Minutes, especially two from Tennessee, and one each from Michigan and Illinois. So, Chris Hayes from The Nation, we all agree this is a case (as The Rock once said) "Know your role and shut your mouth?"

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)

Don't forget, tonight's threesome are eligible for the weekly honors on Friday.
Bronze - Glenn Beck criticized Keith and the rest of the Real Time panelists on Friday for being crazy as Michele Bachman. Lobotomy for one, please!
Silver - President of American Values Gary Bauer says 61* of the detainees unfairly kept at Gitmo were shown in a documentary at Gitmo, and only two were convicted, and oh, he mentioned Keith.
Gold - Gov. Kenneth The Page (R-LA) criticized that volcano monitoring $140 million spending. And in Alaska, there was an volcano eruption at Mount Redoubt... A mere 100 miles from Anchorage and near an oil terminal as well.

Number 1:
The world will once again be a safer place when Pirate Rupert gets rid of Bill O'Reilly by hook or by crook and shanghais him off the deep end of the plank toward the briney deep of Davy Jones' Locker as sharks swim around in a circle. Hard to believe, Harry, but Rupert is now losing confidence in Ted Baxter's Evil Twin, Phineas T. Bluster, the Frank Burns of electronic journalism, or The Big Giant Head (choose one). In desperation, he stalks our guest, Amanda Turkel, and then in The Boston Herald wrote that Seymour Hersch went on MSNBC and wanted to have Cheney's team go postal on Hersch at everyone at MSNBC. Mr. Hersch was in Minnesota that night mind you. Then, it's sending stalker/producer Jessie on Ms. Turkel following her on a two hour vacation trip from Washington to Winchester, Virginia. for accurately quoting O'Reilly, thus violating two of his rules in the interview business.

We'll see you tomorrow night at the regular time.


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  2. I have a speech that I have to prepare for Thursday so I don't have time to be watching right now. I have to get my arse into gear, as I've been procrastinating it for quite awhile now.

  3. Yes he is, and he will have Ms. Turkel as his guest asking why that stalker/producer went after her.

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