Friday, March 20, 2009

Keith's March Madness Part II: The Soup

"Joel and interns, good morning. Good morning everybody. In the news this morning...good morning..." That's how Keith Olbermann's last visit to E!'s The Soup turned out back in July, channelling his inner Anne Curry. How'd it go this time around you ask? Read on.

"Well, what is the world coming to?" Meanwhile, Keith insults that fact that Twiiter is now on ET and The Insider. Good thing Pat O'Brien isn't there as Keith did a creepy impression of O'Brien on hookers. (And not the journalistic ones that the far right smear machine want you to think of.) Just think, a few hours ago, Twitter won WPitW, and he lets those Soup staffers mock it. He also mistook host Joel McHale as a waiter after he asks "What's next? A sportscaster anchoring a news show?" and the Olbermann reply: "And a waiter hosting a clip show?" They were also scared of the Big Giant Head of the creepy Randy Travis on the Country and Western edition of Season 8 of American Idol. YIKES!

Catch you in an hour for the Real Time with Bill Maher interview.

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