Friday, March 6, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 3/6/09

The Tie: Pink.

Number 5: Unempolyment went up again last month to 8.1%, and today President Obama spoke in Columbus, Ohio at the graduation of 25 Columbus, Ohio policemen whose jobs were saved thanks to the stim plan, thank you very much. Newsweek says that 58% of the people who are against the stimulai say the Good Oldboysandgirls Party has no plan. Jabba the Hutt says that according to no one better than Glenn Beck that it's like The Alamo, and everyone died there. Howard Fineman, analyize this.
Oh, by the way, The Alamo has no basement whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Comedian Boss Limbaugh claimed that his listenership went up this month to 25 million... Or, 2.5 million according to something called "cumulative audience". Fixing the books, I say? Michael Schnider from Variety, fill us in on this thing they call the "cume" as it were.

Number 4: The earmarks on the $410 billion spending bill keeping the government running until September 30th made Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) take the GOP to the cleaners and then some, and the Republicans stopped (for the monent) the bill in their tracks but today (3/6) the a stopgap bill passed to keep the country on track until Wednesday (3/11). Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) lost two Republicans and a party member because of the confrontation. Lawrence O'Donnell, any ideas that everyone has lost their marbles in the GOP?

Oddball: In 1885, Ring Lardner was born. Remember when Reagan joked that "we have outlawed the Soviet Union. Bombing will begin in five minutes"? Will, Ms. Clinton gave a Russian in Geneva a red button. All to reset relations except they couldn't get the right Russian word. "Overcharge." And in Seoul, it's the Grandma Ti Kwan Do team!

Best Persons: 3 - A Taiwan lottery winner would get a free use of a island. One problem: the winner was age of four years old. 2 - The 40-year-old chef in Manchester coming from Mexico carried recipes and a good luck card on his "new life in the UK." 1 - Don of LA blew Rep. John Cambell (R-CA) over Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. He wants him to have Rep. Campbell send those who failed under Campbell to work at his place.

Musical Segue: Huey Lewis and the News "Workin' for a Livin'".

Number 3: Hey, last week, President Obama was at the Bulls-Wizards game was told "You can tell them to warm up the limo." That fan, Washington Wizards season ticket holder Miles Rawls, is here to tell his story. You'll be happy to know that unlike the imfamous Robin Ficker, it was all good natured fun.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Remember Brad Schlozman? There were some people were fired, and he was the e-mailer and now the throwing out of a Missouri lawsuit purging voters. 2 - Turdblossom once again on Fixed Noise hitting himself in the head between the eyes with a sledgehammer. 1 - The President of Sudan was charged with war crimes. Now, they could be used on Adolph XLIII.
President Obama will resign them soon. And if Adolph decides to clear the country, they might as well ship him back post haste.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)

Bronze - Coultergeist camplained to Inanity about Olbermann and others.
Silver - Bugs Beck and Brett Baier claimed Vice President Biden spoke "in secret" with the AFl-CIO.
Gold - Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said that schools in Washington, DC are worse than South Carolina. How about a 70% grad rate in the District of Columbia compared to 59% in DeMint's home district. P\/\/NAG3 101.

Number 1: I heart the 90's: Wacko Jacko's planning ten concerts in London this summer ("this is it"), Ken Starr and Newt Gingrich are maing political combacks, and almost everyone will have a reunion of the cast of Seinfeld, not that there's anything with that... Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has other plans because of another show she's starring in, The New Adventures of Old Christine. Allan Havey, is this cosmic recycling?

Don't forget (unless you're in Hawai'i or Arizona) to set those clocks ahead an hour this weekend.

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