Friday, March 13, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 3/13/09

And no, Keith didn't make the trip to Fort Myers...

The Tie: Light green... Are we early for St. Pat's Day, keith?

Number 5: As expected, Gov. Terry Sanford (R-SC) rejected stim money, with 10.4% unemployment, and firing 7,500 teachers to pay off the state's debt. And he picked a bad time, along with Gov. Kenneth The Page (R-LA), Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), and with banks and stocks rallied, so much so, Citigroup won't need any more stim cash. And yes, our Fearless Leader is cautiously optimistic that he'll get that "OBAMA 44" Phillies jersey and is also optimistic about the economy. Democratic House Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) joins us about how he wrote the "You must spend the money here or else" clause in the stimulai bill, and updates us in the South Carolina mess. Yes, they still fly the Confederate flag at the state capitol.

Meanwhile, Richard Wolffe examines where the state dictators leaders would stand if they turn away Federal monies from the stim. Three words: on shaky ground.

Number 4:
And now more on Micahel Steele "Resolve" and the continuing circular firing squad before staffing his own office, and has hired Ken McKay, and now Mike Huckabee is sniping. By way of three retractions, and Ken Blackwell and Chip Saltman also did some sniping. Chris Cillizza, tis this disloyalty or is it something else? And by the way, you need two thirds of the 167 GOP members to throw Steele out on the street.

Oddball: L. Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise's muse was born in 1911. Did you buy a couch, specifically one that's white to jump on and criticize Matt Laurer on perscriptions for depression? Speaking of couches, in Spokane, Washington, they found a cat inside one. As they say in Ireland with selling tiles "Blame it on the monkey!" Turkish Travertine were 19.99, now 9.99! Sorry. Well in Thailand, they're flossing with humar hair.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Bernie Maddoff's scam was going to fool the FTC under Adolph XLIII, and if they tried to do so... 2 - AP got a GAO draft on whether fake documents could be used for everything. 1 -
And more of Ari Flisher and Herr Goebles Cheney pressuring Tony Blair comparing Iraq from Dr. Frankenstein. Especially on WMD!

Number 3: The big pile of steaming bullshit known as the Adolph XLIII Dictatorship Museum, er, Bush Freedom Institute Library will be likely to help at Southern Methodist University, but this will not answer to SMU, but those of Bush's "institute". Boy are they pissed in Dallas, and Adolph wants Turdblossom (barring going to jail) or Condi Rice (ditto) to lead. So, sayeth James Moore, it's another case of "W. Is For Whitewash", acadamia version.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)
Bronze - Inanity puts his torture at himself, and he says he is a Christian.
Silver - Michele Bachman (R-MN) the state bird of Minnesota (Common Loon) is against the earmarks, but used them!
Gold - Is Glenn Beck sick? Michael McClendon was defended after killing ten people (including himself) and blames the liberals.

Number 1: Yes, we have a spinoff of the WORST... PERSON... IN THE WORLD! It's the WORST... PERSON... IN THE WORLD... OF THE WEEK! (Seriously, I'm not making this up...)
A little background on WPitW for you... It was a Bob and Ray creation in one of their goofy radio drama parodies, and was in reality theatre reviewer John Simon munching on wax paper-covered sandwiches and speaking in soup slurps; it was Simon who panned their hit 1970 Broadway show. Then the late George Carlin commented a few years later that "somewhere in America (or whatever country you live in), there is the worst doctor in America, and that person has an appointment tomorrow!" The nominees, Billo and his declaration that we won the War on Terror in Iraq beating al-Qaeda, the Tampa Fixed O-and-O weatherman defending global warming, ex-comedian Victoria Jackson, Marcinia Bullard and animal husbandry, the comments of Obama being "Hitler" and "a monkey with a keyboard" according to Jabba the Hutt, Beck, Newt Gingrich for state sponsored prostitution, and Page Six of New York's finest tonight's nominees, Michele Bachman and Sean Inanity. And the winner is... Billo The Clown, the first WORST...PERSON...IN THE WORLD...OF THE WEEK! (And that's a mouthful to say.) And he wins his own "Mission Accomplished" banner.

See you on Sunday for the live Selection Sunday Live Blog. Yes, I'm doing one. And this plug: Be sure to visit for live weekend hoops coverage.

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