Monday, March 9, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 3/9/09

Keith's back in Tampa. Spring Training? More in Best Persons.

The Tie: Tan, black and silver stripes.

Number 5: Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) told The National Journal that the Good Oldboysandgirls Party are out to destroy the Democrats ad Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and on all the Sunday news talk shows, everyone that is aligned with the GOP is doing the mudslinging thing. Even Paul Krugman said that Obama's not doing enough for the stim. And over on sibling network CNBC, none other than Warren Buffett praised President Obama, and White House press boss Robert Gibbs said that Buffett's message was clearly aimed at everyone in DC. So Richard Wolffe, we ask who do you like in Super Bowl XLIII, the Steelers or the Cardinals? how do you feel the Yankees will do without A-R*d for ten weeks? will the Republicans really win back some seats in 2010?

And the Wall Street Watch reports that Wall Street destroyed Wall Street to the tune of $5 billion. Citi merged with The Travelers before the Glass-Steagel Act was killed, seperating baks and insurance companies, and many rules were either wiped out and/or changed turning everything into a casino crapshoot. Mortages were also predatoried, and the victims weren't allowed to sue. Sure enough, the bubble burst. How many efforts were made to get that overturned? Try six, and they all flopped than a big time musical closing on opening night on Broadway.

Number 4: Remember stem cell research? It's back, thanks to President Obama reversing Adolph XLIII's reversal of a 2001 reversal of Federal funding for such. Sadly, it is eight years after Christopher Reeve's death and the death of The Great Communicator, Ronald Wilson Reagan from Alzheimer's, so much so that even his widow Nancy appluaded the decision. And in a tradition as old as time, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) opposed it. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schwartz (D-FL) joins us to discuss it all.

Oddball: Seventy years ago yesterday, Jim Bouton was born. Ball Four came forward and was one of the greatest books ever. In Medina, Ohio, a council meeting was called for a gas leak last year. Write the jokes yourself. In Savannah, Georgia, the fountains at Forsyth Park are dyed green and everyone enjoys it.

Best Persons: 3 - Brian Cashman of the Yankees wanted to ask Keith to play third base. Cashman's desperate, but Chuck Knoblauch was worse. 2 - Beat Ettlin down under has a kangaroo go through the window, and he chased it out the door. 1 - A 66-year old man tried to sneak into Barcalona with cocaine inside a cast on his broken leg made from, you got it, cocaine!

Musical Segue: Glenn Frey's "Smuggler's Blues." Ah, yes, vintage Miami Vice.

Number 3: Newt Gingrich sounds like the sanest voice at the Comedian Boss Limbaugh section of the GOP. And he hopes Limbaugh fails at Obama failing, and won't apologize whatsoever. Limbaugh slammed Gingrich, needless to say. And David Frum, a Adolph XLIII speechwriter compares Rush to Jessie Jackson with the Democrats in the 1980's. Michael Steele told The New York Times he's trying to get the party's symbol out of the muck. Mouth, open up for the foot. Arriana Huffington Post, your thoughts? And more about Steele and Obama (as played by the Former Fake Fighter Known As The RockTM) later on...

Still Bushed!: 3 - The Supreme Court indefinate detention rules will not go before the SCOTUS, and vacated indefinate dentention from a lower court. 2 - How many nutty lawyers could the DoJ handle? Your guess is as good as mine. Ask them in Europe. 1 - Over 1,200 challenges on any bills, but President Obama will act with restraint and the Constitution. Seperation of power is a good thing.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World, The Pirate Rupert's Revenge Edition, hence the picture on the left. And he EPIC FAILS at the revenge part, boys and girls, as you'll soon see.)

Bronze - Billo The Clown claims that The Adolph XLIII dictatorship beat al-Qaeda. Wanna bet?
Silver - Roger Ailes OK'd comments from their blogs on Obama read by Harris Faulkner, comparing President Obama with Hitler and a monkey with a keyboard.
Gold - Michael Wolff gets slandered on Page Six of "one of New York's finest newspapers" about his criticism of the shot monkey toon.

Number 1: Well, to say Saturday Night Live was on a roll before the election, and then now that Obama's back and Michael Steele's latest comments has gotten them into more sheer fun. Kenan Thompson played Steele with a truth buzzer in his head, Dwayne Johnson recalled his McMahon days becoming "'The Rock' Obama" ("It doesn't matter what you think, GOP jabroni!") Meanwhile, The Simpsons threw in a reference from Olbermann's guest appearance a couple years ago, thanks to two of frequent Countdown guest Harry "Welcome to Le Show!" Shearer's many characters, Kent Brockman and Ned Flanders.

See you tomorrow, I'm checking out RAW!


  1. "Bill-O the Clown has declared victory over al-Qaeda."

    Damn, Obama must be a great president. He did in 1.5 months what Bush spent 7 years trying to do. Oh wait, this is coming from the same man who fights a one man War on Christmas...

  2. Duely noted in a themed Worst Persosn tonight.

  3. Here's a link to Olbermann's breakdown of the NL East this year (and more specifically - the Phils and Mets).

  4. Bill-o went over the edge with that one. I missed part of the show. KO was in Tampa why?

  5. Well Irline, he's a Yankees fan and Tampa is where the Yankees train for the baseball season.

  6. Er, doh. I am so dumb when it comes to such things. Of course. It is getting to be spring after all. Thanks for setting me straight.