Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 3/3/09

A formal apology: my computer crashed before the show began at 8 PM US EST. I'm doing this from both memory and the 10 PM US EST replay.

The Tie: Orange (salmon color?) with black dots.

Number 5: Comedian Rush Limbaugh officialy got an apology from Good Oldboyandgirls Party chairman Michael Steele and gets cheered by Governor Kenneth the Page, and the analogy of The Scorpion and The Frog as NBC News and The Murdoch Street Journal unveiled a poll showing 84% of Americans know President Obama inheirited the fiscal problems, and 68% approve of his performance, Democratic National Party chair Tim Kane quoted Rumple of the Bailey, and a new ad was introduced asking to call the GOP and tell Limbaugh to go away. Okay, Richard Wolffe, if you can't say "Boo!' to the Comedian, then what do you do?

Meanwhile, back at the Soundbites Farm, fresh from the CPAC(kitin) Convention, more "Obama must fail" from the far-right whacko echo chamber including the like of Matt Hasselback's sister-in-law, the ashamed to have been born in Philadelphia Michelle Malagong Malakin, and others. Well, Chris Colizza, what say you of those who were EPIC FAIL and not elected?

Number 4: And now, a word about pork barrelling, or as they call it nowadays, "earmarks". Eight of the top twenty earmarkers were Republicans! John McCain (R-AZ) is against them, but still votes along party lines for them... all in a $400 billion spending bill. As always, the right wingers are pointing the fingers of accusations at the Democrats, however they occupy 37 of the hundred seats in Washington. And not only that, they spend more money on their pork than the Democrats per senator.

Oddball: On this day in 1993, Dr. Albert Sabin died and apologized to his paitent. Kickass Japanese Clip of the week features a firefighter wo tried to save a black-and-white tabby in a tree, and the tree gets sawed. As they say at frak.com, "Hilarity happens". And we see a dog named Biskit sleeprunning and hits the wall real hard, meaning that "The Biskit was in the basket". All on the interwebs to see.

Best Persons: 3 - Sen. Jon Kyle (R-AZ) is still angered about his own earmarks as it were. 2 - What happens when three Aussie pole vaulters carried their poles in an airport? Look out for the glass sign... and the escalator breaks. 1 - McKay Hatch now has No Cursing Week in LA County.

Musical Segue: Something about washing your dirty mouth.

Number 3: An now more about those Adolph XLIII trying to turn the Constitution into a dictatorship, and the Truth Commiossion hearings are planned for tomorrow (3/4) on the memos that were released yesterday (3/2). Prof. Jonathon Turley explains it for all of you...and most of it smells like treason.

Still Bushed!: 3 - John Yue has his dots connected about the memos. Now that's really assinine! 2 - Herr Goelbles was told that his policies sucked, and now he must give testimony in a trial after the guy was arrested. 1 - Daddy, What Did You Do in Jail During The Bailout? The ex-chairman of AIG is suing his own company for lying about cooking the books.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - Billo still wants to speak to a rape survivors fund raiser after comments that we spoke of last night...
Silver - Newt Gingrich lies on Twitter and other media as well...so what else is new?
Gold - Inanity and Dr. Lou Holtz (those of you from Awful Announcing know what I'm speaking of)
talk about global warming.

Number 1: I don't watch The Bachelor nor do I intend to watch such nonsense, but after what happened last night (3/2) in the finale, I'm actually begining to think that Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the show's executive producer as he dumped his fiance for the runner-up! No, really! And the producers told him to do that very dirty deed! Michael Musto's here, and like ERT, I'm outta here!

We'll see you tomorrow night...without Musto.


  1. We'll see you tomorrow night...without Musto

    That guy creeps me out.

    I wonder if AA will have a post on the good Dr. being named Worst Person In The World.

  2. Check that. AA has both clips up!