Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big Giant Head's Incorrect on Connecting The Dots...Again

We're pretty sure once again that Bill O'Reily makes more incorrect statements than any other human walking God's green earth. Two weeks ago, Billo was handed several Worst Person in the World honors for his fund-raising visit to a Florida support group for rape vicitms, The It Happened to Alexa Foundation, even though in August of 2006, he made comments on his radio program about a teenage victim from New Jersey named Jennifer Moore who was demin in a denim miniskirt and red haltertop with a bare midriff and blamed her for being a red flag to every predator in the world. The Alexa Foundation continued to hold firm, even though it was changed to talk about his book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity Steaming Doggy Doo, and there was an online petition to as to cancel his appearance which never happened. So wouldn't you know it, Billo has now decided to blame nothing more than the dreaded "Left-Wing Smear Machine", in this case, Think Progress.org and its' managing editor Amanda Terkel and his favorite target, NBC News! Why? Because both were telling the truth, one of Billy's least favorite things. As usual, the translation from Billo to Human is provided for you.

"Last month, after the charitible event was announced, a bunch of far left loons picked up some propaganda from the hate group Media Matters that said I was unsymphathetic to crime victims, a preposterous lie. Along with 'America's Most Wanted', The Factor have done more for the victims of crime than any other television program on the air."

That is, unless you count the cancelation of appearing for the Florida chapter of AMW host John Walsh's National Center for Missing and Exploited Children because of what you termed what one victim of a kidnapping was "having fun" or the time that you called eight victims in a New York rowhome fire as illegal immigrants. After explaining what happened in the outset, Billo began points his ray gun at his favorite target.

"Elements at NBC News then encouraged the loons to protest The [It Happened To] Alexa Foundation, causing Alexa and her family major grief."

Wrong, there were people that were outraged, not one of them worked for NBC News, much less anyone that I know of. At this point, Billo then tries throwing monkey poo at the wall, hoping it would stick, but in this case, it didn't.

"Perhaps the worst garbage came from the far left group Center for American Progress, headed by John Polestra. A woman named Amanda Terkel led that charge."

And as usual, he sent one of those stalker/producer brownshirts, Jessie Watters, to follow her to Winchester, Virginia, a good two hours from Washington, and get an attack ambush interview,
which Ms. Turkel talks about here. And after the clip aired, Judge and Jury Bill passes judgement:

"Well, Miss Terkel is certainly a villain."

For what, a villain for telling the truth? For posting a comment you made two years ago about a simular victim? But now he's in full "We'll do it live! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!" overdrive, and starts talking abouit his and former broadcast journalist Bernard Goldberg's favorite smear mongers...

"She was used by NBC News, and that brings us to the man behind the curtain."

Lemme guess, The Wizard of Oz?

"For years, NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker has been paying character asassinators to lie and distort the truth under the banner of NBC News."

Bill, I hate to break this to you, but your complaints have been sent to the wrong department. Jeff Zucker is chairman of NBC Universal, not the president, so let me know when the devil is available when he's not watching American Idol. Oh, and I'm not calling Pirate Rupert Satan, okay?

"Zucker is the guy who hires the hate, the executive who allows NBC's airwaves to harm innocent people. With NBC's programming a disaster, he is almost single handedly ruining a once great brand."

Oh great, you didn't want to bring math into the story, but I have no other choice. In the February 2009 Nielsen Ratings among basic cable network in the highly coveted 25-54 age group, we found something very interesting. It turns out Fixed Noise was second in the age group, right behind USA Network. USA Network, like MSNBC is owned by NBC Universal, hence that legal disclaimer that I just added. And again, the Billo Smear tactics revisited another old lie.

"By the way, Zucker's direct boss is our old friend Jeff Immelt, the CEO of the failing General Electric Company and great patron of Iran."

Jeff Immelt no longer is considered a great patron of Iran when he heard about the nuclear missile program,and has since pulled GE completely out of the country, no longer allowing vendors of the company to do business with Iran.

"And so, here we have a brave young woman and her fine family, subjected to pain and pulls by the likes of Jeff Zucker. In white collar [crime] circles, it doesn't get more evil than that."

Tell that to the parents of another brave young lady, Jennifer Moore, who had to put up with the same nonsense you said two and a half years ago.

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