Friday, March 20, 2009

Keith's March Madness Part III: Real Time with Bill Maher

And now, the recap of Keith's guest shot on Real Time with Bill Maher.

Keith in the Bob Barker Studio at CBS Television City? I can hear Johnny Olsen yelling "Come on down!" And he did, joining actress Kerry Washington, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind.-VT) and columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin from the runner up of Billo and Bernie's smear merchants list, The New York Times. So we now have the winner and the runner up in the Left Wing Smear Machine from Billo... Keith switched from a blue tie to purple one with a gray three-piece suit from the Richard Dawson Family Feud 1970's collection.

They obviously talked about Cornell (believe it or not, Maher was a student there at the same time as Keith) and of course Coultergeist was brought up, and Maher said that he was "an idiot for debating Coulter" and a Maher clone opened up an can o'whoopass on Mr. Coulter Drag Queen. then Herr Goebles' little bat guano insanity known as the Adolph XLIII barometer of Obama's safety. "'I see ghosts.' Thanks a lot, DICK!" Then "Mission Accomplished in Iraq." I don't do that anymore.

After the group discussed the many crsies going on, the $5 billion bill on financial dereg was brought up. And it's not flatlining, either. It's not like everything bad, mind you... just where half the money is located is a one hundred percent improvement over Adolph XLIII's dictatorship. And then comes the right-wing smear machine, or Fixed Noise on Glenn Beck's figments of his fragile imagination, quoting Madeline Albright: "He's nuts." And Keith has nothing on Howard Beale, comparing Beck with Father Coughlin with a crewcut. And Washington says she'd like to meet his acting coach. Then Keith lays into an Inanity impression knocking him as a salesman, and Keith would not take a dime from Pirate Rupert and quoted Inanity as "it's just TV", and panic!

And in case you want to go overtime, go here.

That's it for this week. See you in NYC on Saturday, and in cyberspace Monday.


  1. Where are you when we need you?

    Nathan has been infecting our live blog.

    We needed you give him the beatdown.

  2. I was in New York. Ban him. I just got in the door the residence an hour ago.