Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dear Keith: It's A Trap...Don't Fall For It!

Remember Thursday's show?  The one where Keith called out Betsy McCaughey, former Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York?  The one where she is a spokesperson for a group run by the pharmasutical companies against universal health care?

Well, look what we have here. 
At, she has challenged Keith to a debate. Lah-de-fricking-dah.  She's a shill for big pharma.  She's so far to the right, she makes Michael Weinersavage, Sean Inanity, Comedian Rush Limbaugh (de facto GOP leader) and even Bill Orally look sane by comparison.

Keith, even if you read this blog, do not even think of challenging her to this debate.  She's never understood what part of the word "shill" she's never heard of.  She's much better off being a member of a political party after switching from the Grand Oldboys Party to one that checks their sanity in at the membership drive, and has as much of a chance of winning the White House as, say, Andy Reid losing 100 pounds on the NurtiSystem for Men plan.

You should know that instead of chasing a stalker/producer out after her like your main rival, if you can call him that, you should ignore this call.  Maybe instead, you should do one of those Special Comments about how nuttier than a banana split she is.


  1. I'd actually suggest the opposite. Many of Keith's critics say he is too afraid to debate any one face-to-face, so what better way to shut them all up then by debating this looney.

  2. Keith, even if you read this blog

    It actaully is pretty well known that Keith Olbermann and the Countdown staff do read several blogs on the internet, so there is a chance that either Keith himself or one of his staffers does read what you have to say.

    Just like some of the people at ESPN read AA.

    And sort of like how I'm pretty convinced that an Eagle commented as anon on my special comment after the Redskins' game on Week 16. You never know whose reading these blogs. ;-)

  3. JFein, I dunno if thwey do read this blog, but if they do, I'd be extremely honored to have a comment on the subject. Hey, when he was at ESPN, I sent him a Dick Trickle car, and he told me "it pulls to the right."

  4. It would be awesome if Keith did come on here and chat with us.

    It would be really cool if I could see and/or meet Keith some day and possibly get his autograph.