Friday, February 20, 2009

Countdown Live Blog 2/20/09

The Tie: Dark gray with multicolored dots.

Number 5: And ye be keeping a civil tongue on The New York Post editors, arrrrr. The non apology apology failed to work while far right wing nut Alan Keyes blasts President Obama. He was beaten for Obama's Illinois U. S. Senate seat in 2004 (along with being one of 800 ex-MSNBC hosts) claims Obama's a commie, which any other day is Worst Person in the World material. And he parrotted those same right wing nut jobs on the residential claims of Obama not being a born citizen. What part of Honolulu, Hawai'i do you not get, sir? So Jonathon Alter, what say you on a man who can't find his ass or his elbow with a braille atlas. And a GPS system?

Back to Pirate Rupert and Michael Wolff raising Keyes' name in particular. My head hurts from all this. So do the 30 advertisers who are threatening to boycott.

Number 4: President Obama told 70 mayors (including Philadelphia's Michael Nutter) to play nice with the stimulai or ese he'll call them out, and he plans to tell governors the same thing Monday (2/23). Especially those Good Oldboysandgirls party members (and Rep Heath Shuler) who will refuse matching money for things as unemployment.  In addition, there will be a new Department of Urban Affairs as well.  And Richard Wolffe is here to explain it loud and clear.

In 1914, John Charles Daly was born. Nine down, one to go, Bennett Cerf? The kickass robot of the week in a game of roshambeau. On Fixed Noise, Insanity's got a advent puzzle of Obama. Thirty pieces are gone, there's 70 left. (HINT: It's Billary!)

Best Persons: 3 - Worcester's Buttonquail was found, but in a market ready to eat. 2 - Walter Hoover went from cable to over the air to digital in his town Tuesday. And he got out his Elvis remote. 1 - After a night of drinking, is that a crochet needle where your love machine is or are you just plain happy to see me?

Musical Segue: Love Hurts by Nazereth.

Number 3:
A-R*d is falling apart, and had a trainer linked to roids. Drugs that was available in the Dominican Republic not by perscription and others, used the stuff not past 2003, but four years after and Yuri Sucart, his cousin traveled with a banned trainer. Meanmwhile, Richard Justice weighs the evidence. Like I said earlier this week, the man's a fecking schmuck.

Still Bushed!: 3 - The long term stuff of deregulation where people going to food banks increased 30%. 2 - Darrell Isa (R-CA) wanted to look into e-mail records. 1 - Denial anyone? When asked about letters, Mr. Pearl said "I don't know if he ever read the letters". And Neo-Con foreign policy? Really.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - CNBC's Rick Santelli attacked the stimulai from the Chicago Board of Trade and asked how many traders wanted to pay for loser mortages. He should be better of at Fixed Going out of Business Network.
Silver - Comedian Rush Limbaugh misquotes Obama. Timerange and numbers wrong.
Gold - A double for Comedian and rephrases a column for The Murdoch Street Journal as a letter of intent. Like Fixed Noise, unfair and unbalanced.

Number 1: Yes, the recession has hit everyone. Including beer makers, whose sales are down nine percent. No, I'm not making that number up. Not since prohibition has this been this bad. has proof. Also gambling and lingere are down and Girl Scout Cookie sales are crumbling, but movie ticket sales are up. Christian Finegan joins us to explain this.

Have a nice weekend with whatever you're having.


  1. Egad, what a musical segue! That was one of my favorite songs, before this. Oh, and I loved the "it wasn't my fault" rant ...although he forgot "the cat ate my homework". It's all good, bebeh, I'd forgive Keith anything. The other guy, not so much. Oh, and double asscheek waxing on the Rushbo. Pretty good show, I'd say, all the way around.

  2. Comedian needs his arse shaven, a Brazilian and someone named Wa Zing Ya Dong to help him out.