Thursday, February 12, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 2/12/09

The Tie: Gold, black and white stripes.

"I forgot." Let's say you pleaded to join the Obama cabinet and realize that you were partisan. Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) withdraws from the Secratary of Commerce position. Part of the far right side on the Grand Oldboys party, and declines to say how he'll vote tomorrow night (2/13) on the revised $789 billion stimulai after the House gets the vote earlier in the day. "I forgot." Sen. Gregg is just not into Obama. Meantime, Turdblossom in The Murdoch Street Journal says the stimulai won't work and praised the GOP reps in the House. Ray Lahood of Peoria, a Republican who makes some sense, was given an Obama Shout Out as transportation secratary at the Caterpillar palnt where Adolph XLIII wanted his version of Freedom of the press by trying to run them all over two years earlier. Howard Fineman explains what the blue hell is going on. Meanwhile, President Obama's in Springfield, Illinois for the Abraham Lincoln Association dinner.

Dennis Blair is sure the economic crisis has replaced terrorism as the biggest fear in security, and Eugene Robinson tells us about the biggest threat since Al-Qaeda.

A smear that wasn't a smear. This begins with Comedian Rush Limbaugh (de facto leader of the Republican Party) an a misplaced verb on a so-called health tsar which was parrotted in the Drudge Report, Fixed Noise Channel and CNN with a secret policy that started with Betsy McCaughey's Bloomsberg News commentary. It was to help guide medical decisions in Title XXX, A 300 (c). Say hello to David Brailler, appointed by Adolph XLIII. As for McCoy, she is a fellow at a think thank sponsored by pharmacutical groups being run by the same guy who torpedoed President Clinton's plan for the universal health system. Lawrence O'Donnell joins us with his comments. Yes, it's deja vu all over again, Yogi Berra.

President Obama speaks at the Lincoln bicentennial dinner in Springfield, Illinois. While the speech was going on, Leon Panetta was confirmed to be CIA director by the Senate. Howard Fineman rejoins us to anaylise this.

Worst Persons in the World
Bronze - Inanity on the issue of one of Fixed Noise's puppets, and he parrots it.
Silver - Billo compares Helen Thomas to The Wicked Witch of the East. Then apologizes by doing her voice. Margaret Hamilton is spinning in her grave.
Gold - Former newsman Bernie Goldberg says "screw them, throwing spitballs at battleships." And the mass murderer read his book The 100 People Who Are Ruining America and killed kids in a musical.

Apologies for the dishevled format tonight. We'll get it back to a sense of normalcy by tomorrow.

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