Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 2/25/09

The Tie: Lavender.

Number 5:
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) you just delivered a great response to the Obama "State of the Union" except for that made up story about Katrina and the same old GOP lies and slander. What are you going to do now? He's going to Disney World! He was in Baton Rouge not in Jefferson Parrish when Hurricane Katrina hit, and the sherriff he spoke to passed on in 2007. And he was attacked by the far right excluding Comedian Rush Limbaugh, de facto Good Oldboysandgirls Party leader. Meanwhile, Richard Wolffe mocks that speech and Jindal gets a new nickname from Tina Fey Fans: Kenneth The Page.

An active volcano was not wasteful spending because a GPS system isn't there because there's no money, and the GOP song and dance is just the same old shiznit. Nobel Honoree Paul Krugman says it's time for the Republicans to take a new tack on the economy after the trainwreck.

Number 4:
Citi and Morgan Stanley have again will have to answer to you and me after President Obama announced stricter accountability and those violating it will have some 'splainin to do. All twenty financial groups told the Feds "go climb a rope/fly a kite/play in traffic." With retention awards (read: bonus) except for Wells Fargo. Newsweek's Daniel Gross says they're treading on water.

Besides being the birthday of the blog owner, Bob Scheiffer was born in 1937. In India, one guy has a long, long, long beard. Someone call Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier. And under the sea, scientists found a fish with a migrane headache.

Best Persons: 3 - A car thief down under locked himself in. 2 - Three kids in Michigan go to Alabama with stolen money not printed since WWII, namely an antique $1,000 bill. 1 - The inner homing of crocodiles are to be screwed up with fricking magnets!

Musical Segue:
Quincy Jones' "Soul Bossa Nova" from Austin Powers. YEAH BABY, YEAH!!!

Number 3:
While the Obama speech was on, but something was among the GOP was Twittering as many of them where Newt Gingrich to attack all Democrats. Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) Twittered that a staffer opted to watch ESPN2 for the Texas A&M-Nebraska game. Craig Crawford believes that they should use the Pony Express out there. And Keith can't Twitter.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT) schedules a Truth Commission planning hearing for next week. And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doesn't like it. 2 - Turdblossom was somewhere else Monday. Schaumburg, Illinois. 1 - A 12th Hour Adolph XLIII nursing home federal employee plan was leaked by Bloomberg.
Thirty six days after leaving.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)

Bronze - Michael Calderon blamed Keith for "Oh, God." It was Tweety, and he fessed up to it.
Silver -
Billo got the UAW salaries lie from the GOP Stalking Points in The Murdoch Street Journal a little late. By about six months.
Gold - And Inanity was told by Rep. Joe Stestak (D-PA) to name one thing in the stimulai, and invokes the Vegas-to-Disneyland train flat out lie as well as Bill Clinton not having sex with Monica Lewinsky.

Number 1:
Remember when Obama told everyone that the First Daughters were getting a puppy back in November at Chicago's Grant Park? We're getting closer to a final decision. And it looks like it will be a Portugese Water Dog according to People, possibly from Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA). Margaret Carlson will now tell us why.

Bow wow wow yippie wow yow yay! See you tomorrow, all you atomic dogs.


  1. Happy B'day!

    Great blog tonight, JamesCraven. And the show was also excellent. I never thought I'd see the day Bobby Jindall would attempt a folksy Huey Long routine, but there truly is nothing new under the sun. Something about Louisiana must bring it out of people...KO's snits and jibes were perfecto. Some days I just truly love that man, in a good way of course. He restores my faith in my own perceptions. Not to mention my sense of humor. Woof. Tweet. Twit. etc.

  2. Teehee, I actually cited Calderone's first article in my blog post on this. I was leaning toward thinking it was possibly Olbermann myself at the time, so I cited it because the article gave a more professional credence to what I initially thought. However, as we all know by now, I am proud to say that I was wrong. It was Matthews who said the "oh God" before Jindal's horrendous speech. And yes, now that I know it's him, I can hear it in the video.

  3. And Richard Wolffe wins the internets tonight for his bloody out-and-out mocking of Jindal!

  4. Calderone apologized. Here's the full transcript of what he said in his blog.

    "I didn't realize Keith Olbermann reads the blog, but apparently he does.

    Tonight, the Countdown host awarded me the World's Worst bronze award for two items from Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. So let me explain the sequence of events and why he thinks I did him wrong.

    On Tuesday night, I initially wrote that Olbermann uttered "Oh God" before Bobby Jindal's response, not Chris Matthews. But within perhaps 5-10 minutes, after listening a few more times, I updated the same item to say that I couldn't say for sure who it was and put out multiple requests to MSNBC for confirmation.

    By Wednesday morning, there was still no MSNBC confirmation. But after learning from a source that it was Matthews, I updated the original item, saying that I could now report it was Matthews.

    On Wednesday afternoon, when I was informed that Matthews would address the "Oh God" moment on Hardball, I wrote a second item. And in that second item -- posted at 1 pm on Wednesday afternoon -- I mentioned having reported Wednesday morning that it was Matthews, and not Olbermann.

    All of that is true and well-documented. So Olbermann is incorrect to say that I "pretended" to get it right the entire time. It's all very transparent, laid out in a few updates, as the story progressed.

    Covering this story, as any on the blog, l try to let readers know when I can confirm something and when I can't. And I do think its safe for me to say that there was "some confusion," especially when it took about 10 hours to confirm who said what.

    However, I'll apologize to Olbermann for initially pointing the finger at him without having it confirmed. Even though I updated the original item within few minutes to say it was unclear, it's never alright in journalism to assume"