Monday, February 2, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 2/2/09

Yes, Keith saw his shadow today in Tampa, and I'll spare you the jokes.

The Tie:
Black, white and silver stripes.

Number 5:
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chair of the House Financial Services Committee, has had it with wasteful spending by Bank of America on Super Bowl XLIII's NFL Experience and Morgan Stanley on a trip to Palm Beach for a conference, and he wants a hearing next week in Washington, joining Keith now. This while macy*s loses 4% of their workforce and condenses all operations to New York City. President Obama says many banks will fail. In a year, progress is made, and then if it's not done within three years, it may be one term and done.

Meanwhile, Tom Daschle sent apologies and tax monies on his car and driver issue. Richard Wolffe joins us now to disect it all as President Obama worked the phones and met with Democrats today. Eric Holder was confirmed by a 75-21 Senate vote. Also, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) will be nominated for Commerce secratary, and will be replaced by another Republican.

Number 4:
President Obama will keep his promise on bringing our troops home speaking to Matt Laurer during Super Sunday in America with a successful Iraqi election without violence, ethnic cleansing or food rations. General Petraius, noted coin tosser wanted to have our new leader to break his promise. Let's welcome former Reagan cabinet member Lawrence Korb to talk about it.

On this day in 1937, Tom Smothers was born. Celebrate by yo-yoing. In Budapest, there was a big snowball fight. Five thousand unregistered. In Torino, Italy, there was a viloa concert that had a broken viola over 200 years old.

Best Persons: 3 - Howard Kurtz had Bernie Goldberg on CNN, but Bernie bailed out. 2 - A Belgian broke into a Marsaille, france a toilet. 1 - Stay classy, Comcast in Tucson with full frontal nudity interrupting Super Bowl Ex El Aye Aye Aye for half a minute after Larry Fitzgerald gave the Cardinals the lead. I believe Larry Beil will watch next year's Super Bowl.

Musical Segue:
Neil Sedaka singing "What a Surprise!"

Number 3:
The Pure Comedy Platinum that is the evil twin sister of Tina Fey continues. Miss Wasalia 1984 tops herself one more time spurnned her own party's retreat in Hot Spring, Virginia declining the visit and went to The Alfalfa Club dinner instead of "governatorial business". Margaret Carlson's here to backroom us. She slips up mixing new GOP chair Michael Steele with Michael "Billabong" Phelps. And as for Turdblossom's visit to the contempt of Congress is being delayed.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Stu Cornell, president of Peanut Corporation of America, and head of peanut protection...appointed by someone you know. Salminella? 2 - Union of local border patrol was told weekends off would be changed if they didn't meet quotas. Wanna bet? 1 - Ex-Sec of Defense Rumsfeld knows the Washington DC Public Transit System. Instead, he walked...because the bus was packed.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)

Bronze - Two writers were criticizing quotation from F. Scott Fitzgerald in Super Bowl XLIII.
Silver - Glenn Beck criticizes "Bad Asset Respository Fund" that wasn't named by your government, but by No thought whatover.
Gold - David Duke calls the new GOP leader "Obama Jr." and "a racist". He was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Ninty percent of the party he says will leave...all sixteen of them you say?

Number 1:
We get a inside access look at Keith's long Sunday in Tampa for the Super Sunday in America pregame.

Well, that'll do for now, see you tomorrow


  1. I think that was one of Margaret Carlson's "on purpose" slip-ups btw. She has a great sense of the snark, re her "I wasn't invited to the Alfalfa Club" dinner remark, and her remark about people who go to that dinner being too important to stand in line. And our President certainly has a handle on the needed timeline for action, as his one term and done remark indicates. KO has now made celebrity status, he can't even exit a "latrine" without being mobbed. That was pretty funny. But my winner for the day goes to David Duke. Talk about AWM (angry white men!), wow. If I were a Republican (I'm not) I'd have been mightly embarrassed.

  2. Have you been following the on-going feud between Olbermann and Pete Dougherty of the Albany Times Union?

    Dougherty responded to his WPITW nomination from Monday night.

    I personally think it was an appropriate quote by Alex, it was brief and it fit the mood fine. Now if she had read a whole paragraph, then it would have been a different story.

  3. I agree with you, jfine. Further, let me say that the commenters on the article all seem to display that most-well known American anti-intellectual streak we've come to know and love in armchair reporting. Alex' quote was fine by me. A little literary reference doesn't hurt anyone and might help out a few! And it's really clear most of them resent KO. (That phenomenon is one I've been struggling to understand since the first day I watched him. He seems perfectly clear to me, and on point, and sometimes even humorously sarcastic about it what's their problem?)