Thursday, February 19, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 2/19/09

The Tie: Yankees navy blue and silver stripes.

Number 5: Cleaning up America's image in America, from the Adolph XLIII administration as President Obama visited Canada and the idea of prosecuting Turdblossom (who wants executive privledge), Harriet Myers and others. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says there may be more of these coming, including Sen. Pat Leahy's (D-VT) Truth Commission, with Fredo volunteering to make it unpolitical, like A-R*d saying "I took my medicine". Twice. Right, Howard Fineman?

Meanwhile, Prof. Jonathon Turley is here again to go deeper into Turdblossom's try at an end run.

Number 4: Lemme see if I get this straight... Miss Wasalia 1984 and several other Grand Oldboyandgirl Party governors are going to send back their state's stimulai package monies as the Republicans continue their wrong ways of looking out for Decision 2012 instead of their state's residents needs, but state legislatures could override their plans. That's crazy. They must take the money whether they like it or don't like, and have to learn to live with the fact that this stim is the best thing going. Whoooooooooooooooooo! And look who's here, none other than Howard Dean! (Sorry, that's the best I could find on YouTube.)

Oddball: in 1859, Rep. Dan Sickles (NY) was cleared of murder by reason of insanity. As Mario Rosenstock's impersonation of CSI: Miami's Horatio Caine would ask "Who's going to take the horse to France? Well if we knew that, then we'd know who put the butter on the spuds!" In Paris, this horse was chasing down the Champs Elyesse.

Best Persons: 3 - Missing bowling balls were found. Not stolen, but hidden. 2 - Glenn Beck lies again on the $70/hr auto worker job doubled. 1 -
Rick Santorum was at Nebraska and misrepresents the Koran and Islam.

Musical Segue: Dale Bozzio and Missing Persons' "Words". Wow, MTV 1980's video!

Number 3: Outrage of The New York Post as an editor protested along with others - including Al Sharpton today and Spike Lee tomorrow (2/20) - on Monday's cartoon, and now they're threatening to revoke their rights to own a newspaper and two TV stations in New York. And newspaper founder Alexander Hamilton is spinning in his grave again, looking for Captain Hook from Down Under's $30/barrel oil reserves. Michael Wolff, writer of that Rupert Murdoch tell-all book tells all on this.
UPDATE: Now they're apologizing for the cartoon on their website, and in print tomorrow (2/20).

Still Bushed!: 3 - Fixed Noise did get memos for the Stalking, er, Talking Points from the White House and the stimulai package. 2 - More Justice Department shenanigans with more people who were in cahoots with Adolph XLIII. 1 - The legal team that represents Blackwater mercinaries wanted charges thrown out. No. Way. Jose.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)

Bronze - Tina Fey's Evil Twin Sister charged $60/day for per diem. Photos, phone calls, Fixed noise...
Silver - De facto GOP leader and Comedian Rush Limbaugh agrees with Obama on restoring the Fairness Doctorine...then calls the President a liar upon seeing The Murdoch Street Journal column he wrote about it. Weinersavge, Inanity and Limbaugh are leaping with joy. And speaking of Inanity...
Gold - Look who was connected to Alan Stanford's scams as a spokesperson! And it even comes complete with spectacular commercial audio goodness.

Number 1: Well, so much for the story on the trial of the show thrower at Adolph XLIII. Eugene Robinson joins us to look into the apology by "one of New York's finest newspapers" on the story mentioned at Number 3 tonight.

Maybe they'll talk about that show thrower tomorrow night, so joins us then!

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