Friday, February 6, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 2/6/09

Fair Warning Department: There likely won't be a live blog Monday (2/9) due to a scheduled live press conference by President Obama, so there'll be a recap of the 1 AM US EST show instead, so don't say that I warned you. After all, my mom will be pissed that House won't be on.

The Tie: Black, silver and white stripes.

Number 5: Isn't it important that new unemployment numbers (7.6% for the month of January) springs the Senate into action on the stimulai plan? Concessions from both sides, including a 42% tax cut package. A bipartisan group came up with it, and new amendments kept coming until someone stopped it. And last night, it was the GOP who created the defecit, the Democrats who introduced the stimulai and as you were heading for a cliff, you better turn around. It's not a stimulus bill, the Republicans said, it's a spending bill. What the hell do you think it was? And Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) backpedaled on the tax cut stuff, A moderate Republican said it was a Christmas tree bloated with each members' own item. Richard Wolffe is here to anaylize this, but a vote won't come until Sunday or Monday to give everyone a chance to look at the new plan.

Meanwhile, Leon Panetta will run the CIA like Adolph XLIII. It's not officially policy that those who delivered torture will not be charged with it. Dan Coleman, a FBI insider told all on that. Prof. John Turley tells us that those who ordered the stuff are going to be in deep doodoo. In the words of that crazed Scotsman in the oil ads "Yer not thinkin' with yer dipstick, Jimmy!"

Number 4: The President met with victims of 9/11 and the USS Cole disaster today on the topic of justice on those on the closing of Gitmo, of which they are against. One of those suspects in the 2000 bombings has had charges dropped, but they may get refiled. Keith speaks with a member of one of the families about those events.

Oddball: Happy birthday, Babe Ruth. Christian Bale has apologized for his tirade, and it's now mixed with the world famous Billo implosion about Sting. (WARNING: Audio NSFW or for the kiddies!)

Best persons: 3 - Elvis Barrett in Florida got fifty traffic citations...on one arrest! All of them at the same time; that'd be a record. 2 - Inanity realizes that someone was onto him, especially when they work for Adolph XLIII and McCain. 1 - Guy stole from a 7-Eleven in Michigan with a Klingon weapon. He's armed, dangerous and a nerd of the nth degree.

Musical Segue: Theme from Star Trek. (the original version).

Number 3: The Evil Twin Sister of Tina Fey, Miss Wasalia 1984, named her daughter after Bristol, Connecticut, where she wanted to work at ESPN. Long before Keith went there. Paul F. Tompkins from VH1's Best Week Ever explains that Bristol Palin should be lucky she wasn't named Manhattan...or Secaucus. In other news, Val Kilmer (Batman number three on the big screen) wants to be Governor of New Mexico in a couple years.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) wants to look into some innocent bystanders including the one who was in the midst of the e-mails in the ex-general getting talking points and going on talk shows scandal. 2 - Daddy, what did you do in the jail during the bailout? A Bank of America executive wanted to seek a dead person's account closure. "That's not the way to look at it." All from a script, like Vince McMahon! 1 - Andy Card claimed that Obama was "damaging the Constitution and that any president would wear a jacket." We have pictorial proof otherwise...

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World, The Fixed Noise All The Time Edition)
Bronze - Glenn Beck says SCHIP is that we're on ther road to socialism and making the USA a communist country. He's nuts!
Silver - Russell Tice was stalked by Billo The Clown's stalker/producer Jessie, and followed it with Tice talked with NBC News and is disgraceful. Insulting him as a disgrace to all conservative people is another story.
Gold - Pirate Rupert finally tells the truth as News Corpse loses money. Avast ye, mateys, and says "we have never been a company to tolerate the facts. Arrrrrrr, siver me timbers!" (I added that last part BTW.) UPDATE: It seems there was a error in the transcription. Pirate Rupert said that "we have never been a company to tolerate the fat."

Number 1: The definition of trainwreck: When interviewed by Ann Curry, Nadya Suleman, unemployed single parent and mother of octuplets (and six kids on top of that) said that she had six embryos implanted in her by a California doctor. Top that, Angelina Jolie!

Have a great weekend...


  1. Watch where ye be goin' Jim Hawkins...there be dragons here! Harrrrrrrrrrr. And much buckle of swash.

  2. September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, unless you're Rupert Murdoch, then wth Keith it's EVERY DAY!