Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Countdown "Plausably Live" Blog: 2/11/09

The Tie: Brown, black and cream stripes.

Number 5: On the day the White House and Congress agreed on a final $780 billion stimulai package compromise, the heads of many banks sat in front of Rep. Barney Frank's (D-Mass.) Finance Services Committee on the taxpayer-funded bailouts. Meanwhile, the New York State Attorney General warned of the illegal "bonus" payouts from Merrill Lynch before the Bank of America merger to Barney's committee, and it didn't occur on Ken Lewis' watch as he pointed out. But they said at Morgan Stanley not to call them bonuses, but something else. More in a moment. Major changes will be made when BoA closes the deal, and the bonuses will not be paid out until next February 15. Most banks won't take federal monies thinking they believe they are beibng taken over by the government. And BoA lied about not raising credit card rates and reduced credit at certain places. Committee member Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) jouins Keith to answer the misunderstanding they all had. And as usual, we'll blame it on Adolph XLIII.

Number 4: And now more on Morgan Stanley's "bonuses". They won't be called bonuses but "retention awards". Basically, it's the same thing but with a brand new euphanism. As Monty Hall of Let's Make A Deal or Geoff Edwards on The New Treasure Hunt would do, do you want to keep the cash award or do you want to go for what's in the box Sivi Alberg and Carol Merrill have there? got the audio on their site with Morgan Stanley and Citigroup SmithBarney in a conference call. they say they won't take any money from the Feds, but Chris Hayes of The Nation says otherwise.

Oddball: In 1957, the NHL Players Association was formed, and Ted Lindsay was traded from Detroit to Chicago, and fictional quotes trashing teammates abound. First they thought fireworks would be a stimulant for the economy in Chinese Taipei. Now molten lava could help in China against the town wall. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. And in Japan, there's a heart on a bull. Cue Heart's "What About Love" and the love puppy!

Best Persons: 3 - Steve Tapp went Plaxico Burgess at Good Samertian Hospital's cafeteria in Colorado. 2 - Inanity thinks bailout money is going to a frisbee golf course. Nope. 1 - Jon Scott of Fixed Noise reads propaganda but the typo of "December 2009" was left.

Musical Segue: Brena Lee's "I'm Sorry".

Number 3: And now to the simulai. The Far Right section of the Grand Oldboys Party is going on the attack again (BOR-ING!) and are fighting the same uphill battle that Hercules had pushing that boulder. Creation (or saving) 3.5 million jobs was the main stalking point by Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and Obama has evidence that it's otherwise with $276 billion in tax cuts. Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) sayd if we delay the bill passage, another Great Depression would occur as a super power. Jonathan Alter joins us to outline what is needed.

After yesterday's town meeting, Fla. Rep. Nick Thompson has offered Henrietta Hunter one of his homes for free.

Still Bushed!: 3 - The Dereg of Peanut Corporation of America and they found salmonella doing nothing about it. 2 - Ben and Jerry made Yes Pecan, but there won't be Abu Grape, Iraqui Road or Impeach-Mint. I can now officially try to market Wire Tapocia pudding if I wanted to. 1 - Turdblossom still talks in LaLaLand and that leaks harm everyone.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)
Bronze - Brian Deer, the writer of the altered British investigation complained about it. The paper he works for - The Times of London - is owned by Murdoch. Also, misread Pirate Rupert, and Keith apologizes but the typo there hasn't been fixed.
Silver - Billo says GE stock was down to $10/share. Say, didn't NewsCorpse fall to $7/share?
Gold - Rep. Steve Austria (R-OH) believed that FDR started The Great Depression. We Want To Thank You Once Again, Herbert Hoover.

Number 1:
Stay classy, press representative for Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), House Minority Whip. Show this NSFW or the kiddies audio rerecord of an AFSCME PSA with 14 obscene words as a reponse to a writer responding to a question on the union and it escapes on YouTube! So Margaret Carlson gives her take on it, and now he apologizes for that.

Okay, see you tomorrow boys and girls. Lemme tell you, Paulie Walnuts would be proud I tell ya...

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