Monday, February 9, 2009

Countdown "Plausably Live" Blog: 2/9/09

Just a quick reminder, this is a recap of the 10 PM US EST edition as:

A. President Obama held his first prime time press conference;
B. I watched WWE RAW at that same time;
C. I lost some sleep.

The Tie: Silvery light blue.

Number 5: And so President Obama's first White House presser is for the ages. After winning the first batle with the Congress on the stimulai package by a 61-34 vote and the first town hall meeting unscreened to remove questionable content in eight years, the repeated warning on the next great depression (not his fault mind you) in a seven minute rant when he explained the Japanese crisis of the 1990's. Bottom line is that seven million jobs, homeowners get relief and everyone on both sides gave ideas, and he won't return to the Dick Trickledown therory. It's spending, and there will be clean and green stuff in the stimulai package. Also, fair warning of another TARP package - the remaining $350 billion - will have strings attached (no trips to far off places, big bonuses, etc.) In Elkhart, Indiana, the meeting was with people who were not screened but didn't vote for him as well. The risks of no action are dire indeed. Richard Wolffe anaylizes the whole day.

Number 4: So what does the Good Oldboys Party now do? Sen. John Conyers (R-Texas) failed to vote on the package after slamming Obama, three moderate Republicans - including senile Arlen Spector (R-PA) - crossed party lines to vote in favor of ending the debate and now there will be a full vote tomorrow (2/10) for the $829 billion at noon. The US Chamber of Commerce is in favor, but Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that it would hurt it all. Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) said we shouldn't criticize, but he did. Chris Hayes from The Nation joins us about the mess that the GOP is in as of late.

Oddball: Jim Jensen first anchored a newscast on WCBS-TV this date. Akira the Husky was caught red-pawed in the act of stealing a rawhide bone in Utah. In Raleigh, NC, a run for "Mmmmmmmm... Donuts" at Krispy Kreme. Two miles to the store, and back... Did we mention that you had to eat a dozen donuts before running back? Mucho barfo indeedo.

Still Bushed!: 3 - The graft of FEMA (or FEEBLE) that is Katrina from $3.9 billion in Adolph XLIII red tape. 2 - A Boeing security lawsuit for kidnapping under DoJ wanted to throw out this suit, and Obama said nope. 1 - More Gitmo from a janitor from Ethopia said he read an article on how to build an H-bomb from the pages of Rolling Stone... Satire much?

Number 3: Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenburger recieved the key to the City of New York for his heroic efforts when those pesky birds destroyed the engines on US Airways Flight 1549...and so did the rest of the crew. He even praised the first responders who came out to help. Tom Costello did a group interview with them on the flight.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - After the hearing for his future CIA position, one of Leon Panetta's associates decides to bully a reporter trying to ask a question. Very nice...for the old days.
Silver - That new GOP chairman calls the stimulai "a spending package" to government work. Umm...yeah. So what do you call it when you take money from an outside source when running for office?
Gold - A professor who worked on Wall Street bitches about the old days of the 1970's when there was a recession and no executive got a big bonus. In the words of Joe Dolce, "Shaddap A-You Face." If they are supposed to be a stimulus for the economic recovery, then my name is Slim Shady...and it isn't.

Number 1: A-Rod used 'roids. Even President Obama, a noted Chicago White Sox fan was outraged. Former Yankees publicist (one of over seventy that the Steinbrenners used since they took over the Yanks) Rick Cerrone joins us to explain what A-Fraud must do.

See you later tonight for a live blog.

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