Thursday, February 26, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 2/26/09

The Tie: Blue diamonds.

Number 5: CPAC 2009 is underway in Washington and there's no Jindak and Tina Fey Evil Twin Sister. And poor taste reigns in Obama Waffles Cereal, a joke about Chicago, and Joe The Plumber is worried about 2012, but he best be worried about his book selling less than a dozen copies of his book, and he's thinking about running. Howard Fineman is here to recap his day. It's time for them to CPAC it in.

And Minnesota is looking into a "runoff" between the man of the decade, he - Al Franken - and Norm Coleman again...and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) wants Coleman to give up the ghost now. Chris Hayes of
The Nation examines it all for you.

Number 4: President Obama outlined the 2010 Fiscal Year Budget and the Good Oldboysandgirls Party are pissed. All Americans getting tax raises? Only five percent. Left off the books are the real costs of the mistake in Iraq and closing loopholes and then some. Robert RRRRRRRRRRReich is here to examine the whole thing.

Oddball: Once again, my computer delivers the virtual finger. Godfrey Cambridge was born in 1933. A ourangatan is whistling at The National Zoo. Always Look at The Bright Side of Life. And a shoplifter loses his shirt and then some.

Best Persons: 3 - Apology accepted from 2 - Really good thespians stage a fight scene from Romeo and Juliet at a shopping center in England. 1 - Flat Stanley was on Flight 1659.

Musical Segue: "My Hero" by Foo Fighters.

Number 3: What makes Comedian Rush Limbaugh unappealing to women? He held a "summit" for the "feminazis, hotties" and other types of women on his show. Janeane Garofolo is here to tell all, even as Gov. Mark Stanford (R-SC) calls the de facto GOP leader an "idiot" for hoping Obama fails.

Still Bushed!: 3 - The Wild West is running amok at the FEMA New Orleans office. 2 - Now, you can have your coverage at Dover AFB if you want to if your son/daughter/husband/wife comes home in a pine box. 1 - Remember the anthrax scare? Turns out that there was other stuff inside.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - Billo and Dennis Miller share this one for Prop 8.
Silver - Colorado State Senator wishes someone had AIDS.
Gold - Inanaity's forum has a poll for a revolution. They tried that from 1861 to 1865...and the South lost.

See you tomorrow...and sorry for the problems.


  1. I loved Jeanine Garofolo. What makes Rush so unappealing? The list is endless. What makes Keith attractive? The list is endless. WPITW...that Senator from Colorado better hope we never meet in a dark alley. Too many have died from AIDs and AIDs related diseases. I am not amused. And to wish it on a child. Unbelievable.

  2. What makes Rush so unappealing? He's a big fat idiot according to the junior senator from Minnesota, loud, ugly, opinionated and often wrong.