Saturday, January 3, 2009

Football Night in America Wild Card Saturday Edition 1/3/09

I hope you survived the arrival of the new year as Dick Clark dropped his bigger ball on Times Square. So let's see who's where today for the special Football Night in America Wild Card Saturday Edition. Bob, Keith, Dan, Pete and Bus are all in Studio 8G, and there's been a Matt Millen sighting! Meanwhile, Cris and Tiki are working the Atlanta-Arizona game that starts at 4:30 PM US EST.

Two cities, five stadia and sixty-one years ago, the Cardinals hosted the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1947 NFL Championship Game. Yes, there was a Championship Game before the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, LT has been listed as questionable for the late game as the Chargers take on the Colts with a detatched tendon near his groin. His own we hope. Keith tells the story of the most bizzaro season in Charger history. Start the season 4-8, then win four in a row.

Chris Crocker called. She said "LEAVE THE $5 FOOTLONG ALONE!"

Meanwhile, Matt Millen says he was responsable for the mess in Detroit where the Lying Downs were 0-16. Betcha Jim Rome is Burninating loves this. No stability, changed coaches. Mike Shanahan, Paging Mike Shanahan! And he still defends the cesspool in Motown.

As for the picks, Keith, Dan, and Matt like the Falcons, Bus dissents and goes with the Cardinals. Thus far as they take a break to rest, Bus is wrong by three. And Keith is likely taking a bathroom break at the intermission here.

And I think my rant was heard over at the local NBC station about consecutive car ads. We had 15-second Men's Warehouse ads bookened by a car ad, a lottery ad and another car ad. See you for the Diet Soda Sarah Palin Bridge To Nowhere Between Games Show... Or somethin' like that.


  1. Bravo, James Craven. I'm glad your rant was heard, because we share your sentiments about the car ads, in fact when the ads take longer than the aired show segment, it's time to change the channel!

    LRLine @ Fourth Wave blog

  2. And welcome to the blog, biolektronika!