Thursday, January 29, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 1/29/09

Night four in Tampa.

The Tie: Pink.

Number 5: Oh the bonuses of $450M to those at AIG and for the $18.4B elsewhere to raise President Obama's angst just nine full days into this administration, and for Wall Street, the honeymoon is officially over, lest the $50M jet plane Citigroup bought and returned. Vice President Biden visited with CNBC's John Harwood saying it's outragous, and now the Senate wants on the stimuli package, wanting to work. Meanwhile, the GOP and Rep. Boehner sent a clear message with their 174 nay votes, and the dirty dozen Democrats who voted no will likely get a clear message in 2010 from those constituents in their states. Jonathon Alter says that yes, it may be time for those to take back the money and put it into mass transit and other stuff.

Meanwhile, Chris Hayes from The Nation explains the GOP's stupid explanation on why they voted against it. Remember, 33 Senate seats will be up in 2010...and the GOP looks like they're dead in the H2O

Number 4: Rod Blagojevich was evicted 59-0 by the Illinois State Senate in a "kangaroo court" as he called it from the Govenror's offiice in the Land of Lincoln; forty votes were needed to toss him out. Remember Evan Meachum, the man who cancelled Martin Luther King Day in Arizona costing them Super Bowl XXVII? He was the last impeachee in 1988. Blago's presser after his impeachment was vintage bizzaro world. he should have been impeached due to his hair. Blago also won't be allowed to have a future seat to hold in Illinois politically, also passing 59-0. Pat Quinn now is your Illinois governor.

Oddball: The DuMont network founder was born on this day. In Iraq, a giant shoe and if you want to know why, see Adolph XLIII. In New Zealand, two cons handcuffed to each other run into a lamp post.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Secratary of the Army recalling 20K body armour products. Six years late. 2 - The death by electricution by Haliburton's KBR division reverbarates to a new $35M contract. 1 - John Yue, the man who wants torture, wrote in The Murdoch Street Journal we need more torture. Why the fuck did this guy become delusional? And naming it "The Bush System"? "The Adolph XLIII System" was more realistic.

Number 3: Turdblossom has been supoenaed to appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee next week, and Turdblossom may have just earned a one-way ticket to Camp Fed by saying he'll ignore it. Appearing on the Billo Comedy Hour, Turdblossom said he will more than likely hide. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) of said committee joins us to tell us what happens next.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)
Bronze - The First Choice Liquor Store down under thought a girl wasn't preggers...but was.
Silver - Phil Gingri (R-Ga.) was standing back and throws bricks, but now stands with Comedian Rush Limbaugh. Speaking of Comedian...
Gold - He was P\/\/N3D by Mark Haynes on CNBC, after admitting he wanted Obama to fail. I hear hypocricisy!

Number 1: Mike Tomlin was interviewed by Olbermann. He watches Countdown and is now considered a Loyal Friend and True for that these days. More on the interview during Super Sunday in America this Sunday on NBC... Which will be live blogged BTW right here!

See you tomorrow night.


  1. Personally I don't think that Keith will fight this back (it's not the kind of insult that he normally retorts back at), but Coultergeist took a shot at Keith on Fixed Noise this morning.

    An ad was apparently put out by someone trashing the new head of the Republican party, Comedian Rush Limbaugh.

    Fixed Noise host (I seriously don't know who it was, but it was a female, not Gretchen Carslon): "What do you think of that ad? Do you think it is a reminder for Republican lawmakers not to vote for this bill in the Senate?"
    Coultergeist: "No, I think it's just another reminder of how the left hates free speech. It really is strange how they go after speakers like this. There is no campaign by conservatives to shut down Keith Olbermann. In fact, I wish more Americans would listen to him (laughs), for, to see the face of the left. The only 57-year old woman trapped in a man's body to host his own TV show."

    Seriously. That was coming from Ann Coulter. In my opinion, she's the worst of the conservative hosts/columnists/commentators.

  2. Are we to infer from Aunt Ann's comment "...the face of the left. The only 57-year old woman trapped in a man's body to host his own TV show" that anyone who looks left must by necessity be a 57 year old woman? As a woman, I take umbrage, and call her remark (wait for it) SEXIST in the extreme. Besides, Keith is only 50, and some of the sexiest women I know are over 57. But Aunt Ann wouldn't know about that. What a maroon. Next to the Right Dishonorable Lord Rush, Earl of Adipose Bloviation, she ranks right up there.

    Off with her head.

    -- The Red Queen of chips, dips, chains and whips

  3. She wouldn't know a thing about having a 50 year old male newscaster trapped inside HER head, after all. If there is a 57 year old woman trapped inside KO, by the Martin-Tomlin hypothesis, a 50 year old male ego must be somewhere else.

  4. Does this mean Coultergeist didn't sign the Billo petition?

  5. *Chris Matthews "HAH!"* What type of idiot do we really think Coultergeist is? An idiot that looks more manly than you or I think.

    And welcome to the growing O Files family, Kris. Make yourself comfortable!