Thursday, January 15, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 1/15/09

I'm doing the 10 PM Countdown tonight due to the President's farewell address.

With that, five days until the end of America's nightmare, and you can do the rest...

The Tie: Maroon, cream and navy stripes.

Number 5: Go on, guess. The farewell adress to the nation of Adolph Bush XLIII's "presidency". Many of his comments tonight in the Reader's Digest Condensed Edition were interrupted with comments like "Surely you cannot bring up waterboarding", "Tell that to the families of the over 4,000 dead soldiers and over 100,000 civilians in Iraq", or "What about those 3,000 families in New Orleans that are still living in trailers?"

Tweety (Chris Matthews) joins up for the award Adolph XLIII would have to accept with everything but another "Mission Accomplished" banner of the ideaology of taking over a country, and quoted Thomas Jefferson of which Jefferson would object. I'm sure at Montecello, Mr. Jefferson's doing a two-and-a-half pike with a twist in his grave.

Number 4: Scott McClelland rejoins us from Washington to give us his take on the speech. The man at the top (next to Keith) on Billo's Shit list as it were says that is was all bullshit, a feel good farewell speech highlighting his nonsense. So unless he wants to come out in the open and listen to his mastakes, it sounds like Charle Brown's trombone-sounding teacher and good intentions went awry against your actions.

Lo and behold, Attorney General nominee Holder says that indeed waterboarding is torture, and we learn that our leader is not above the law. DoJ will be cleaned up, and just as Arlen Spector was about to ask questions, too.

Number 3: As for the incident in New York's Hudson River near 48th Street, let's say it was nothing more than a miracle. US Airways ("Unfortunately, Still Allegheny In Reality Ways") Flight 1549 took off en route from LaGuardia toward Charlotte, North Carolina, hit a flock a geese and the pilot, Capt. Sully Sullenburger, who is the director of safety for the Airline Pilots' Union, lands prefectly into the freezing Hudson River. One passeneger was severly injured with both broken legs, and everyone survived. Robert Hager calls it just that, a miracle. And in ninety seconds as well!

Number 2: Stories coming from the survivors of the splash crash tell that there was a major crash forthcoming several minutes into the flight, and Jeff Kolodjay, one of the survivors, tells that he was on Spirit Airlines, but the flight was cancelled so they took US Airways for their annual Myrtle Beach golf trip. At WNCN-TV, the NBC affiliate in Raliegh, one of the anchor's parents was on the flight, and was relieved to hear that he survived and he thanked all those involved in the rescue.

Number 1: Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenburger III will be lauded for what he did gliding the Airbus 220 owned by US Airways and Joe Hart said "he actually floated in on the river". The former F-4 fighter in the Air Force was the last man in the river, and Denny Fitch, a former United Airlines pilot who did the same on a tarmac in Sioux City, Iowa joins us to explain his comparisons to that twenty years earlier.

Well, that's it for tonight. Obviously, there was no Oddball, Best Persons, Bushed! and Worst Persons in the World, however Richard Lewis will return tomorrow do deliver some parting shots at the Adolph XLIII Reign of Errors.

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