Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And Today, On Number 50...

We'd thought we'd go back to last October and the post-Vice Presidnetial Debate comments of a National Review blogger with Keith doing an impression of what sounds like Adam West reading from The Penthouse Forum.


  1. Yea, verily. Hearing everyone losing it in the background made this clip for me. How he did that with a fairly straight face was purely amazing.
    Truly a piece of vintage Countdown. Or a vintage piece of Countdown. Or something.

  2. That was one of the funniest WPitW segments ever. I was laughing so hard that I literally had tears in my eyes.

    You could tell he was losing it at the end during as he was saying "WORST....PERSON....IN THE WORLD" but the fact that he went that long was really amazing, as Irline said.

  3. If you listen carefully, like I did, Keith's almost losing it on "National Review" as well.