Monday, January 12, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 1/12/09

Eight days until the inauguration of Barack Obama, 2,074 days since "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, 20 days until Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, 33 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training and a modest 83 days until the 2009 MLB season opens in Philadelphia.

The Tie: Purple again, but with dark blue dots.

Number 5:
And W. is for Whitewash, the exit presser. You won't have W to kick around anymore. Adolph XLIII ranged the gamut of emotions from A to D. Anger, baffled, confused and dumb, dumb, dumb. The worst White House occupant since Millard Fillmore ruining the country, and the worst modern President since Herbert Hoover, blaming Clinton (couldn't blame his dad) for the economic woes. Blames himself for "Mission Accomplished" saying much of his bullshit was a mistake (Really?) and tried to fly Air Force One responding to Katrina two days after it struck and the rest of the Katrina aftermath as well. There are 9K families in Louisiana still living in trailers, and says not finding WMDs in Iraq was "a disapointment". Like the Lions going 0-16. And he disagrees that our moral standing among our fellow world members is severly damaged. And forget hapius corpus and cue up all those 9/11 lines, destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the process, rubber stamped by three Republican Congresses. And if he's more conserned about the country, he's not getting sleep every night. No gain, no pain, no brain. And what tools are legal on what is legal. Impeachment in jail?

Number 4:
More of the "W. as in Whitewash" egress PC. Forty seven minutes of nonsense, and Richard Wollfe joins us to recap the event. Adolph XLIII ignores his critics and after all the contridiction will be remembered as our worst president of our lifetime. Fauilure to bring the basics are not learned at the time, and the disapointment of Katrina. Let's call them sad statements. I say again, let's call it what it really is via The Rock: two tons of bullshit in a one and a half ton bag.

And one of the greatest senator-designate news: Senator-Designate Burris from Illinois, and he will be sworn in later this week, if the Republicans have no objcetions.

Guess what? We got a NBC Sports promo on the transition to Digital TV with Keith and Dan on Comcast!

Time to take a break from "All Adolph XLIII All the Time," but happy birthday to Comedian Rush Limbaugh, and like the horoscopes, he's not really useful. And the new light rail in Tempe, Arizona needs to be fixed. Helecopters are getting meese from Utah to Western Colorado. And in Norman, Illinois, we had marrage at Taco Bell.

Best Persons: 3 - BBWAA announced Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice as new members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. 2 - The Shady Lady brothel now giving $50 Discover Cash Cards. 1 -
Feliks Goldshtein arerested while in line to rob a bank. charles Addams did the same thing in a The New Yorker 1947!

Musical Segue: Ozzy Osbourne?

Number 3:
Gitmo will close after the inauguration, and in the wake of "What did Adolph XLIII know and what did he know about it?" Waterboarding? Adolph XLIII told Fixed Noise Sunday that it was needed. What will Obama do about it? War Crimes? Geneva Convention violations? Impeachment should have happened if the Democrats took over in 2005. Prof. Jonathon Turley joins us now to find out what is legal and what wasn't. Gestapo much?

Bushed!: 3 - "Daddy, what did you do during the bailout while in jail?" The rest of the $350 billion with strings attached to be released. 2 - W. As In Whitewash and Cheney speaks. Herr Goebles advocated war in Iraq and was schooled by an AP interviewer. She said "I wasn't responsable for it." 1 - Repainting the history of the Smithonian as 9/11 gets debunked. And the portrait in a "led to" to be deleted. We need to graffiti this portrait, and be literate.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)

Bronze - Brit Hume again interviewing Bush XLI and Adolph XLIII and was retracted for criticizing Clinton.
Silver -
Billo defends Tiny Fey's Evil Twin again on the class on Kennedy... Take his life, please!
Gold - Joe the Plumber covers the war in the Mideast, and thinks journalists shouldn't cover wars. Listen, Sparky, we've been responsible (save Geraldo) misleading the bad guys and you're in the media, calling for self-mutilation.

Number 1: Keith gets interviewed by no less than The New York Times, but I'll spare you the details at this lovefest.

See you tomorrow. Oh, did I mention American Idol starts tomorrow (1/13)? First review on Friday (1/16) with AI diva Maria Merlito, former announcer on Make the Grade. And no, she's way beyond Princess of AI, kids.


  1. I'm slipping. I couldn't get the musical segment for sure either! I think it was indeed Ozzy, but I'm not sure.

    I must complement you, James Craven, your reporting here is really quite good. I very much like the way you summarize the show. You don't miss much!