Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 1/14/09

Six days left until Inauguration Day. I'll spare you the rest for this evening.

The Tie: Black.

Number 5: "We tortured Qatani", the twentieth terrorist in 9/11, and he won't be tried. Thus the decision from The Pentagon's Susan Crawford, and thus the last known vestiage of Adolph XLIII. In an interview with The Washington Post, Ms. Crawford said that she puts the blame on former Defense Secratary Rumsfeld saying that Adolph hurt his chances of giving justice American style to the one who was not on any of the hijacked planes that day. Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift USA (Ret.) joins us and is surprised to hear that, and isn't disagreeing with it. The Bush Gestapo is appealing such decision.

What began without responding on bombings and on justice, and Usama Bin Laden's new video arrives with that. Richaed Wollfe joins us to try to explain the whole story today. Meanwhile, Herr Cheney says it was misinformed interviewers that did it. Yeah, another three tons of bullshit in a two-ton bag.

Number 4: W. Is For Whitewash. Herr Goebles underestimated many mistakes, and the failed presidential era accoridning to Cheney said he underestimated...everything. The connection between Saddam Hussein, Al-Queda and 9/11 was muddier, and Adolph XLIII told Larry King that it was silly namecalling going on in DC. Former White House Press Secratary Scott McClellan, the name at the top of the Billo Enemies List, joins us and is as stunned as everyone else about these things. No, really.

Oddball: Say good night, kids. In Marquette, Michigan, the dog attacks family's new Wii. Ozzie is okay after accident. And in London, the BMW and a lady within were ejected after a misread.

Best Persons: 3 - Pittsburgh Steelers fan Luke Ravenstahl says his name will be Steelerstahl, wich is Steelersteel, instead of Ravenstahl. 2 - Ryan Seacrest missed a blind contestant high five on Idol. And you wonder why keit dislikes it? 1 - The Pratts had an underdraft of over $170K, and moved to Florida to buy a house. The Big House is their new home.

Musical Segue: Greetings from Florida, Wish You Were Here.

Number 3: GonzoRacistGate Day 2: Bradley Schlozman, who delivered the racist and right wing water carrying commentary via e-mail is still in the DoJ, and is at a new post, and someone will have to be appoined to look into this. Prof. Jonathon Turley joins us to tell us DoJ is indeed a toxic cesspool, and it needs to be cleaned up when Obama takes over.

Bushed!: 3 - Remember John Tanner, the guy who liked his coffee black and bitter, and left for Alabama, paid for by DoJ. Redrawing districts in Alabama. Racism. 2 - Comedian Rush Limbaugh was having lunch with Adolph XLIII, and got a cake agaped. 1 - Daddy, where were you in jail when the bailout happened? Predatory lenders have started up again to mortage those loan sharks.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - Glenn Beck calls Obama "Marxist" after all of this.
Silver - Larry Schwikert will tell us Obama doesn't have a war to deal with.
Gold - Sen. James Imhoff calling someone a secret socialist, and Carol Browner said she supported the Fairness Doctorine.

Number 1: So, President-elect Obama had the enemy (conservative right wing water carrier columnists) over at George Will's place the other night for dinner. Ya know, I've love to stay and chat about it, but E. J. Dionne will tell you about it and I gotta go.

Before I do, the live blog will run tomorrow at 10 PM US EST due to the Farewell Speech of Adolph XLIII. Good night, everyone!

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