Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 1/27/09, the "Will Keith Mention the Big 5-0?" Edition

In case you haven't followed today, Keith (and his non-twin brother Cris Collinsworth) both turn 50 in Tampa tonight. We heard from The Tampa Tribune that they got cakes at the media center during an group interview, and they could not blow out the candles on the cakes. Meanwhile, Keith's at the NFL Experience in Tampa for his second night in West Central Florida.

The Tie: Purple.

Number 5: There ain't no good times, there ain't no bad times, it's just you and me and we just disagree. Such as it is with the Stimulus plans. What now, you say? On Day 7, the GOP wanted to undermine everything Obama had. And now, women's birth control pills and other devices won't likely be part of the plan. But a big tax cut for middle and upper class families has been added by the Republicans, a sign of yes, Reaganomics. Howard Fineman explains this now to you... And picks the Steelers to win Sunday (2/1). Olbermann states McCain will speak about Big Red later.

Meanwhile, after last night's silver WPitW from Citicorp ends the order of that plane, and will cut corporate jest in half. Meanwhile, many other banks are getting TARP cash. Thom Hartmann from Air America Radio joins us, throws a punt reference and Keith mentions that Alfalfa (Al Michaels) would like to keep Gitmo open and put CEOs in there instead of terrorists. It's a great week to put all the football euphamisims out there.

Number 4: President Obama delivered his first White House interview with an Arab TV network not named Al-Jazzerra, and said we are not bad guys. On Al-Arabia TV, he will do all his promises, and even mentioned the fact he lived in a muslim country, has muslim relatives, and says that we're friends to all muslims. This surpasses all the interviews by Arab television networks with Adolph XLIII. Steve Clemons from thewashingtonnote.com joins us to look at this in perspective. Just brilliant in a way of telling the truth, he says.

Odball: Gee, what could they possibly talk about for an introduction tonight? Reverand Charles Dodgson, a/k/a Lewis Carroll. And yes, the birthdays wetre mentioned, sonny. In Anchorage, drunk driving car smashes into a coffee shop. And in Massachuetts, turkeys are stopping mail delivery. Cue the Sarah Palin video goodness. Speaking of Miss Wasalia 1984, she's starting a PAC. Tina Fey, hello!

Best Persons: 3 - High School goaler Trevor Leahy reinvents goalie pads. Three shutouts, NHL will declare them illegal. 2 - An English soccer team this season has Tommy Farrer remembered upon passing away...but he's still alive and kicking. 1 - Nathan Kay's death was remembered in Palm Springs as a loyal and true Olbermann fan.

Number 3: Turdblossom is getting supoenaed and the new White House administration, and this time, he can't cite exec privlidge from Adolph XLIII. Recommondation forthcoming, and John Dean joins us to anaylize this. And Turdblossom better have some 'splainin' to do if he doesn't show up...in front of a federal judge.

Still Bushed!: 3 - More torture wanted posters, and the UN has more evidence to get Rumsfeld. 2 - Last week, Adolph XLIII said history will be here. History caled, and said: It's been a disaster in the Mideast and Asia. All in a book review. 1 - Daddy, what did you do during the bailout? More than 87.5% of the executives are still there.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)
Bronze - Rush Limbaugh thinks that $4.2 billion will go to ACORN...as corrupt as he might think. That's going to be bid on. Idiot.
Silver - Billo critizes Afgani president on bombing calling it grandstanding. Sick sick.
Gold - Former journalist Bernie Goldberg says that Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw chatted. All to fit his bias. Geez, turn in your license today Bernie.

Number 1: Keith was at the Super Bowl XLIII media clustermuck at Raymond James Stadium behind him. The game will go on, the long pre-game will go on, Bruce's world tour kickoff halftime show will go on...but the Lingerie Bowl was cancelled because of being held in a clothing optional resort (read "nudist colony"). The organizers had a dispute with the resort operation folks on clothes. Back to the Media Day fun, there was a samba dancer, a guy from NBC Universal-owned Telemundo wearing the network's logo on a football helmet, a TV with ferns on it, and some freak in drag as they asked the same questions and everyone gave the same answers opver and over. Kinda like an Adolph XLIII press conference.

That's all for now. See you tomorrow.

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  1. And now that the show is over, it's party time in Tampa!