Monday, January 26, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 1/26/09

Keith is spending the week in Tampa. Three guesses why. (I forgot to tell you MMMMMMMMookie that the first two didn't count!)

The Tie:
Pink. Very apt for Florida, Clearwater's nice this time of year.

Number 5:
So much for bipartianism. The GOP will hold the stimulus plan hostage and John McCain wants strings attached, claiming that the Democrats wrote the damn thing. President Obama's warning after a meeting tomorrow, plenty of companies including Caterpillar, Sprint-Nextel and Home Depot are slashing jobs. Also, Tim Geitner was confirmed 60-34 to be treasury secratary, and The Governator praised the new man in charge to put California as exempt from the new Federal regulations on car milage. Richard Wolffe is here to explain what the damn hell is going on.

Oh the right wing water carriers as they damn the planed stimulai plan, and those on the really far side like Comedian Rush Limbaugh claiming "eternal power" for the Democrats, by not doing much. Jonathon Alter joins us to anaylise this mess and seperate whacko right wingers like Limbaugh from the rest of the herd. Even noted online poker player Bill Bennett claims Rush was way out of bounds on this.

Number 4:
61* former prisioners from Gitmo are out, but 18 are still alleged. For the 245 still there, no case files scattered through all over the Executive Branch. Matthew Alexander joins us to speak about this.

* - Another lie brought to you by the Adolph XLIII W. is for Whitewash Legacy crapfest.

It was George Green's patent for the dentists drill given a patent 124 years ago. At the Pittsburgh Zoo, Rocky the Bear picked the home team. And at Mexico City, tip toe through the virtual tulips while going under the knife.

Best Persons: 3 - Bye bye Phil Alongi. 2 - Is that 44 bars of deodorant down your pants or are you happy to see me? 1 -
Bill Kristol and the New York Times are divorced because he'll do a monthly column for The Washington Post.

Musical Segue:
No harm, no foul, no blood in the lyrics...

Number 3:
Obama tells all on the rule on law on Spywatch. And Prof. Jonathon Turley rejoins us for more on the old programs that were run from Room 612A at AT&T in San Francisco. And Turdblossom was supoenaed to testify in fromt of Congress, and Obama will tell Adolph XLIII what to do with "executive privlidge."

Still Bushed!: 3 - Obama called out GOPers echoing Limbaugh. Just shut the fuck up. 2 - Fredo is walking toward a propellor on DoJ saying they were authorized. 1 -
More Gitmo: Look who's fighting to keep it open... Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) from the far, far right wing whacko section of the GOP.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)

Bronze - Ashamed Native Philadelphian Michelle Malagong Malkin, Comedian Rush Limbaugh and Sean Inanity are officially P\/\/N3D by Robert Reiiiiiiichhhhhhhhhh!
Silver - Citigroup bought a $50M plane from the $45B in Bailout money. Daddy, what did you do in the big house during the bailout? UPDATE: On Tuesday (1/27), Citigroup cancelled the plane order.
Gold - The ex-Lehman Brothers CEO sold his mansion for $100. To his wife. And there was no fee.

Number 1:
Senator Oprah? That's what Blago wanted first off. He went on the daytime talk show circut on Day One of his Illinois Impeachment trial. I'd love to tell you more, but I have a pie in the oven that needs to be taken care of, anmd WWE Raw's coming up, so I'm calling it a night. BTW, please pray for my mom as she is ill and in the hospital.


  1. So he's in Tampa?

    3 guesses?

    1.) He wants to get away to a place like Tampa where it's all warm and not freezing like in New York.

    2.) Didn't catch the plane back to New York.

    3.) It's Super Bowl week.

    Other than that, I'm stumped. ;)

  2. I forgot the first two didn't count! :LOL: :D

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I've got another guess!

    Keith wants to avoid Wednesday's big storm. I'm right, aren't I? ;-)

    And Blagojevich is officially an idiot. Not that we didn't know that all ready, though.

  4. Ooh, indeed. I hope your mom gets better.

  5. I'm in that neighborhood of the storm between one and three inches of snow. In the words of Harry Kalas "Good guess, Whitey, but incorrect."