Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At Last: Let's Dance At The Live Inaugural Balls Blog

Well, President Obama and the First Lady are dancing to "At Last" at each of the ten Inaugural Balls (and no, we aren't talking about bowling balls, or those balls that you speak of in the gutter), so let's join Rachael Maddow, Chris "Tweety" Matthews, Keith and Eugene Robinson for our live blog coverage of the big night at The Ten Proms. Party now, and tomorow (1/21) we begin the long work back.

Analyzing the day's events, we have regained the immigration title with the town in Kenya where Obama's father was born, and an African-American with a name that sounds Arabic sends messages out to other countries, and even as I type this there's about thirty or forty fans left at the National Mall. Tweety says more African-Americans watch MSNBC, and they're big in Cairo accoring to Rachael. Whaddya mean, Brazil?

Having already been at the Neighborhood, Obama Home States (Illinois and Hawai'i) and Commander in Chief events, our next stop is MTV's Youth Inaugural Ball. Did anyone remember when MTV ran music videos? *liver spots explode on the back of his hands* "Dahling, sit down an let me tell you about god damn music videos..." I feel like Billy Crystal saying that.
Updating Ted Kennedy's condition, it was fatiuged due to his brain cancer we spoke of earlier. And it's nice to know that Meet The Press' David Gregory likes the First Couple's dancing. Meanwhile, let's go to the Mid-Atlantic Ball where Vice President Biden and his wife, Jill, are speaking. And lo and behold, the President and First Lady have arrived at the Youth Ball, and Obama speaks. He's been looking forward to this ball for some time, and what started out as a improble journey became a dream come true thanks to the youth.

And the Bidens have moved onto the Western States Ball. And The Obamas will be at the Biden Home Staes (Pennsylvania and Delaware) Ball momentarily... Meanwhile, Chris Kofinis, the Democratic startegy man, joins us to tell us how the Democratic Congress and our new Democratic President will get along on why thias idea is the way to go and use the grassroots people to pressure both the Dems and the Republicans.

One hour to go, and they missed another dance, and it happens on delayed digital video devices, and now live they're at Biden's Bash. Dance time...the turn was old school as stated at the Youth Ball. Wait for it...there it is. Department of Redundant Redundancy Department, and Rachael's examaing their moves and attire. It really does take a village (idiot and Lois Griffin married one.) Someone get Bob Grossbeard from Quahog Oil on this.

So, what can we expect in the first hundred days of the Obama honeymoon? Well on Day 84, the Phillies will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He'll get an autographed ball, a cap, a jersey with "OBAMA 44" on the back... Meanwhile, it's off to the Mid-Atlantic Ball, and we know the drill: Speak about change in a different way, dance to "At Last" including the turn, and say goodbye and head off to the next event. As a female collegue told Keith "All women want to see President Obama dance with the First Lady." And Gene says they have to do it ten times. Six down, four to go, Miss Arlene Francis?

Thompson Reuters reports that tribunials at Gitmo will be suspended for 120 days in the first Executive Order, and then it will close in all likelihood. Stay tuned for more Executive Orders to come within the next few days. And at the Western States event, the band and color guard are now in place awaiting the Obamas drill. Speak about change, dance, old school twirl, and say TTFN: ta ta for now. Also, Chuck Todd reports that there will be a champagne toast after the last ball. Next stop is the Midwest party. Seven down, three to go, Bennett Cerf?

And because all the regional balls are in the Convention Center, it's off to the Midwest Ball right next door. Speak about change, dance with the First Lady to "At Last" (including the old-school twirl) and say goodnight. Eight down, two to go, Miss Dorothy Killgallen? Let's move back to the Gitmo story which according to AP now says that military lawyers would like a suspension.

We wrap it up with a recap from tonight's Countdown. See you tomorrow, when the Official Day One begins.

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