Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown Live Blog: 12/1/08

Fifty days until the inauguration of Barack Obama, 2,041 days since "Mission: Accomplished" in Iraq, 24 days until Christmas, 61 days until Super Bowl XLIII, and five straight days of turkey.

The Tie: The Color Purple, which is displayed again.

Number 5: As expected, Hilary Rodham Clinton will resign her seat as New York state's junior senator to become Secratary of State, while Susan Rice will become Ambassador to the UN, while Janet Napoliatano, the soon-to-be-former governor of Arizona will be the new Homeland Security director. Bill Clinton will ID all out-of-the country donors and because of this, while Indiana Senator Dick Lugar will vote for Hilary. Eric Holder will become Attorney General, responsible for restoring what was once the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights that was shredded to pieces under Adolph Bush XLIII's reign. And Retired General James Jones will be in charge of the whole shebang post-Iraq. As announced earlier, Richard Gates will remain Secratary of Defense with new marching orders from Obama. Barack Obama says he's going to be responsable for everything, as Richard Wolfe joins us with a festive cravat for the holidays. Wolffe answers the question of how Gates will end our Iraq stand invasion by pulling out within the first sixteen months of the new administration, meaning April 2010 for the "cololition government" as it were, and will have his people - Republican or Democrat - in charge.

Number 4: Ask Not For Whom The Bill Toils, It Toils For Thee. Mr. Clinton is happy and proud for his wife, and will get clearance for any future speaking engagements as part of the nine-part writ on the whole process. Eugene Robinson is somewhere in America and says that there'll be an chance to use Bill Clinton to a great advantage in places like South Asia to work on some sort of deal between Pakistan and India and end their nuke testing. Look for progress and consign the attacks on one another to the history of the 2008 campaign. And until January 2013, a white male will not have served as Secratary of State, if things stay the same.

Oddball: In 1891, James Naismith invented basketball. So there was this debate in Romania and when one of the canidates spilled H2O on their opposition, well let the fun begin. Remember that incident a few years ago in Tampa where someone went Geraldo on a cable access political show? Cue that footage. And in Jakarta, they're building the world's biggest edible Christmas Tree. One's not edible because it's made of steel.

Best Persons: 3 - AP said that teachers or students got notes for being late. From the MTA in New York. Keith's now learning about this. Four decades of riding the subway and he's not even knowing about it? 2 - Police in Somerset County, NJ that saw a man trying to contact him...and found out was a cardboard figure. And they called the SWAT team out for this? 1 - A short chase in Maine saw Brian Russell fleeing that the sheriff of Cumberland County into another county. He thought they wouldn't catch him there. Guess again.

Segue Music: The theme from The Kids in the Hall.

Number 3: In tonight's What Do We Do Now?, post-Indian terrorist attack in Mumbai (nee Bombay,) did Pakistani internal sources lead they way to the incident? The government did not do anything even with the incident. Keeping America safe was a bogus statement by Adolph Bush XLIII in an interview with Charlie Gibson on ABC. Steve Clemons answers all your questions as to how to tell someone else to practice restraint. It's going to be very hard to allow the esclation of what happens now.

Bushed!: 3 - In a radio interview, Bush will miss three things: Air Force One, the chefs and driving. 2 - One lender expected horrors. In 2006. Bowing to lobbyists, and no money down mortages led to the collapse. 1 - There was an oped in The Washington Post saw one ex-Special Ops man wanting to end the torture and the number of soldiers lost will be close to 9/11 because of this. Moral: Torture does not work.

Number 2: Worst Persons in the World
Bronze - George Will insisted the economy is doing great...and that is okay with one sector? Television.
Silver - Billo is hated at News Corpse, even Jabba The Hutt (Roger Ailes). But Billo The Clown is successful and they're all glued together.
Gold - And in the liberal books, Billo says he's a secular guy...this five years and eleven days ago, he brought up The War on Christmas...yeah...right...

Number 1: So it's Sarah Palin, the Tina Fey wannabe and Ludacris, the rapper, becoming the faces of the Georgia Senate runoff? I'll pass and watch WWE Monday Night Raw right now.

Good night everyone, drive home safely!

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