Sunday, November 30, 2008

Football Night in America Live Blog 11/30/08

Good evening, and welcome to the Live Blog for tonight's edition of Football Night in America for the last day of November in 2008. Weather was much of the story up and down the East Coast today, but before we get to that, here's the reminder of why tryptophan was in abundence on Thanksgiving Thursday (11/27) other than inside your turkey as Chef Roger Goodell served up three of them:

Titans 47, Lions 10 - The Lying Downs did their job early and often in this game, and I'm shocked Rod Marinelli wasn't fired. Remember, Lying Downs, Jim Rome is Burninating wants you to go 0-16!

Cowboys 34, Seahawks 9 - And the Seabags did the same as well. Mike Holmgren just can't wait until the season is over.

Eagles 48, Cardinals 20 - Donovan McNabb started, Brian Westbrook scored four touchdowns, the Eagles finally remembered that there is a running game, and the Cardinals were dreadful after going down 21-rock midway in the second stanza.

Bob and Cris start the ball rolling, and Tiki's in DC with the latest on the Plaxico Burgess incident, and says that there's more to this as New York City law requires that all wounds from gunshots must be reported. Bus is in Minneapolis, and Pete King will 411 us on the latest on news from the games. And now, ladies and gentlemen....heeeeeeeeere's Keith and Dan!

49ers 10, Bills 3 - Turk Schonert was in the parking lot calling plays according to Keith. It's the first time a team from the PTZ beats an eastern time. How many "GEAH!"s can you get?

Ravens 34, Bengals 3 - If Marvin Lewis isn't fired, it's because of their offense. You couldn't stop them, you can contain them! The Bungles played like them...

Dolphins 16, Rams 12 - It's Stephen Jackson all the time, leading to three field goals and it's Chris Long vs. Jake Long. The highlights were anticlimatic indeed. All fans got a free in-flight pillow...

Colts 10, Browns 6 - The Colts failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time in the Peyton Manning era. There was a Ken Dorsey sighting for the Brownies as Derek Anderson, replacing Brady Quinn, was injured. Is Bernie Kosar available? How about Brian Sipe? Otto Graham?

No players room this week, so Bob and Cris anaylize today.

Panthers 35, Packers 31 - Bobby Douglass was the last player to score four TDs against Green Bay. DeAngelo Hall did that today, and the Panthers are that good.

Buccanners 23, Saints 20 - Dan does the old "Pirate's Favorite Letter" (Arrrrrrrrrrr) joke. Rupert Murdoch must be proud. Matt Bryant's game winning field goal was the difference. Greg "Cadillac" Willaims played, and as Dan points out, "your milage may vary" (Thank you, JFein for the comment).

Giants 23, Redskins 7 - Did we mention that Cris and Bob want to give you a pair of tickets to Super Bowl XLIII - valued on the face at $2,000 total - if you win the NBC Sports contest? On the weekend Plaxico Burgess shoots himself in the leg at a Manhattan club, the Redskins honored the late Sean Taylor on the one-year anniversary of his tragic asassination-style murder.

Chiefs 20, Raiders 13 - The only implications here were for the 2009 NFL Draft.

Falcons 22, Chargers 16 - Matt Ryan should be NFL Rookie of the Year for what he's been doing with the Falcons. Consider Ron Mexico toast in the Dirty South. The good news is that the Bolts will get the punchless Raiders Thursday.

Broncos 34, Jets 17 - The Broncos won because someone finally figured out the wildcat play. Thomas Jones, Jones, Jones, JONES! Sit on it, Ralph Malph...

Steelers 33, Pats 10 - The Pats were a mess today. Heavy rain, slick balls (get your mind out of the gutter), four Pats turnovers and a stingy Steelers defense led to Belecheck to get the stamps out and mail it in.

The Little Big Show - The condensed version if you tuned in late. Road teams were 10-for-11 on Sunday after going 1-2 Thursday.

Quote du jour from Bob: "Remind me to never interrupt Cris as he's pronouncing himself as an idiot." Keith, the non-twin brother of Mr. Collinsworth (both born on the same day) replies with "Oh, you'll have plenty of chances to do that!"

Enjoy Da Bears and Da Vikes, and I'll be here with the Countdown live blog all week.

UPDATE: Plaxico Burgess will turn himself in to New York's finest on Monday (12/1), and the Vikings beat down Da Bears, 34-14.


  1. "Your mileage may vary." - Dan Patrick on Cadillac Williams

  2. Wow, you completely disallowed the anonymous posters. I used to post as Anon.

  3. I just didn't want people like Swearing Man or Gay Man to post here after what they say every week at AA. So you must be a registered user of Blogger to be here. Just policy, JFein, that's all.

  4. I understand. How many times is some random guy saying how amazing his dick is funny.

  5. It gets tiresome, which is why I asked AA to change the policy.

  6. I posted this at AA, but seeing as it involves Keith and it's funny, I'll put this here as well.

    "Remind me again to never interupt Cris as he's pronouncing himself an idiot." - Bob Costas
    "You'll have plenty of chances to do that." - Keith Olbermann

    Keith Olbermann picking on Cris Collinsworth is always funny.