Sunday, December 7, 2008

Football Night in America Live Blog: 12/7/08

So how was your day? There is a "Flex Game" tonight between the Redskins and the Ravens for Capital Beltway braggin' rights. And if you know the drill, Bob and Cris...then Tiki in the swamplands of East Rutherford and Peter King...and The Bus joins in from Ballermour...and now, Herrrrrrrrrrrrre's Keith and Dan!

Maybe it's because of GE's cutbacks, but for the second week in a row, there's no players' room...

Titans 28, Browns 9 - Congrats to the Titans, first team to clinch a playoff berth and divisional championship. The Browns have not scored a touchdown in three games. It goes to four next Monday (12/15) in Philly?

Texans 24, Packers 21 - Remember when the Pack owned the month of December? Sorry, Brett Favre no longer lives here. Keith Brown and his Foot of Renown wins with a 40-yard walkoff field goal, a mighty roar went up from the crowd, and Mike McCarthy never blamed his communications system. Matt Schaub became the first visitor to ring up a 400-yard passing game on The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field.

Bears 23, Jaguars 10 - Kyle Orton did not look like Randy Orton or Cowboy Bob Orton. Dan points out that a nearly naked fan was Steve McMichael.

Vikings 20, Lions 16 - You'll note that no 0-13 team went on to win a Super Bowl. You didn't know Tavares Jackson was on the roster? Jim Rome is Burninating is rooting for you to go 0-16, Lying Downs. Give up, lie down like the Lying Downs that you are...

Colts 35, Bengals 3 - "Aw, c'mon" Collinsworth says as if you have to change your luck, you need to play the Bungles except if you're the Eagles... Mark my word, Marvin Lewis will be gone after this year... According to our collegue JFein, is available, so all you frustrated Bungles fans jump on now. Bungles have not scored a touchdown in el-oh-leven quarters as Harry Kalas will tell you.

Saints 29, Falcons 25 - Oh no, the Saints in Harry High School all-balck and Reggie Busssssssssh. Matt Ryan threw for 315 yards and Pierre Thomas, ABC News, the State Department scored three TDs. The NFC South is the toughest division in football outside the NFC East.

Eagles 20, Giants 14 - Did you know that you can go to and win Super Bowl XLIII tickets? Cris and Bob will browbeat you to go to the site and enter. Meanwhile, an ill wind blew through East Rutherford, and it was not good for the defending champions. The Birds got greedy again a la the a few weeks ago against the 49ers, a blocked FG is returned for a touchdown. Brain Westbrook ran for 131 yards, scored two TDs in the win. Meanwhile, the Giants back in to the NFC East title. Details to follow.

Broncos 24, Chiefs 17 - Nothing says "I love you" like bumping against your teammate. The Chefs have now lost eight in a row at Invesco at Mile High. Yes, also available. So is too.

Cardinals 34, Rams 10 - Congrats to the Cardinals on winning their first division title since 1975, and in turn, getting their first home game since 1947. The first in St. Louis, the second in Comiskey Park, Chicago for the Arizona, nee Phoenix, nee St. Louis, nee Chicago, nee Normal (Street) Cardinals.

Dolphins 16, Bills 3 - The NFL's first regular season game in the Great White North was a Bills disaster. It was one degree in Orchard Park, and 72 degrees in SkyDome. Sorry, Rogers Communications, I despise corporate naming.

Patriots 24, Seahawks 21 - Junior Seau returned from retirement, and Teddy Bruschi is out. Seabags have almost mailed it in.

49ers 24, Jets 14 - It took six weeks, but the Niners gave up a rushing Brett Favre. That was the lowlight, next to Frank Gore's ankle injury.

Steelers 20, Cowboys 14 - What a game in The 'Burgh. Tony Romo looked like Yoko Romo (and yes, I own the property) today. The Stillers were down 13-3, and Ben Rothlisberger led the comeback, capped by an DeShawn Townsend INT return off Yoko Romo (Went there again!) for the pick six and the win. Myron Cope from the grave said "Quadruple YOI!" Finally, we see a half-naked Looney Toon dumping a bucket of ice cold H2O on himself in slo-mo. Hypothermia, hello!

No Little Big Show until halftime, kids. Enjoy the flexfest.

Update: In a pretty good game, the Ravens beat the Redskins, 20-10.


  1. Let's see....Eagles won....Falcons lost....Dallas's been a pretty damn good day.

  2. I would actually guess that sending Tiki on location (albeit it's at the Meadowlands, but still, they need a crew and all) would be more money than having him sit in a room in a studio to analyze the games.

  3. Yep, (and are both available.