Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Countdown Recap: 12/8/08

As I said on Sunday (12/7), there was no live blog because of a prior committment that went awry because of a bad cold. A really bad cold. However, thanks to reairings and the Countdown interweb site, here's what I missed in the live blog.

The Tie: Lavender.

Number 5: Now the car makers want $15 billion...in exchange for the control to a "car czar" as it were. Maybe they are taking Michael Moore's idea seriously. Richard Wolffe is here to brake it down (spelling pun intended).

And can the Grand Older Party regain control of Congress in 2010? We get an answer from Eugene Washington: Slim and none.

Number 4: The news that former Adolph Bush XLIII enemy Gen. Eric Shienski, USA Ret. to be Obama's new Department of Veterans Affairs head means his former teacher in Military College teacher, Col. Jack Jacobs, USA Ret. joins Keith to outline his teachings for him.

Oddball: Belated birthday greeting to Ron Dugay's former girlfriend, Carol Alt. Hail Mary in a CAT Scan. Hail Mary on a CAT Scan. A Lion in London's Trafalgar Square is talking about spending your holiday in Jolly Old England.

Best Persons: 3 - Ken Blackwell wants tio be the new Republican leader because he survived an interview with Keith, plus he's the oxymoron of the party: a black guy. 2 - Stay classy, Fox Sports for shooting video while Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is delivering a postgame speech avoiding a loss to the 0-13 Lying Downs, and accidently showing a players...manhood. 1 - Robert Jones takes the car out for a spin in Wales, waving to everyone. The car is registered to his daughter...all of thirteen years old. Say goodbye to the car and your license for two years, sir.

Segue Music: Scandal's "Goodbye to You." (Played a lot after visiting pitchers have short outings or managers get ejected.)

Number 3: SCOTUS denies that goof off lawsuit about Obama's citizenship. Arriana Huffington joins Keith to revel in this victory.

Bushed!: 3 - Bank of America are douchenozzles after taking $15 billion from us and then denying a window maker in Chicago their line of credit, and the company announces they're laying off everyone on three days notice, so there's a sit-in going on. Obama supports it, the disgraced Governor of Illinois supports it and says it won't do business with BoA anymore, and the Adolph Bush XLIII Administration response was none. "Daddy, what were you doing in jail during the bailout?" 2 - The five Blackwater mercinaries will now face 35 charges of murder among other things. 1 - No less than The New York Times in an Op-Ed pages articles slams the White House for bad intel for a war we did not want to be a part of.

Number 2: Worst Persons in the World
Bronze - First, congrats to the family of the late Joe Gordon for his induction by the Veterans Committee of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Now the bad, they failed to get any post-1943 players elected including Dick Allen, Ron Santo and this guy named Gil Hodges, who led the Miracle Mets of 1969 to the World Series championship. Oh, he was also apretty good first baseman for the Boys of Summer.
Silver - Former teenage idol turned angry right-wing whacko Pat Boone says that Prop 8 will be like Mumbai all over again.
Gold - Billo The General Of The Imaginary War On Christmas writes a "holiday quiz" for Parade Magazine. First prize? A copy of A Bold Fresh Piece of Insanity signed by Mr. Orally. Second prize? Two copies.

Number 1: Jay Leno's staying on NBC, and will move his talkfest to 10 PM ET/PT in the fall, allowing Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon to steam under their collars. Meanwile, Hello gorgeous, Barbra Streistand kisses Adolph Bush XLIII at the White House when she wanted him impeached. *Linda Richman impression* Excuse me, I'm feeling a little verklempt here, talk amongst yourselves. Here's a topic: The Holy Roman Empire wasn't Holy, Roman or an Empire, discuss. It's like buttah! Also, Elizabeth Hasselbeck gets her panties in a twist when Obama's former pastor outs her in an interview for being radical. Christan Finnegan wades through this. Now this is the Countdown I remember.

That's it, I'll catch you at 7:55 PM EST for the Live Blog tonight.

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