Sunday, December 14, 2008

Football Night in America Live Blog: 12/14/08

Hi there, and welcome to the Week 15 Live Blog for Football Night in America.

It's been quite a week, several teams have been eliminated from the playoff chase, the Cincinnati Bengals actually won a game for the first time since the Second World War, and the Tennessee Titans lost in their ancestrial home. Bob and Cris will start the ball rolling, Tiki's in Irving, Peter's in the studio and the Bus is in the Swamplands tonight. And now, hereeeeeeeee's Keith and Dan!

Seahawks 23, Rams 20 - It's guaranteed that the Hawks will beat the Rams, and this marked eight in a row in the most meaningless game of the day.

Chargers 22, Chiefs 21 - Cris wanted Norv Turner fired. We have it on tape. And so do a lot of Southern Californians, even Signal 2 Noise at wants him sacked.

Bengals 20, Redskins 13 - Clinton Portis is still in the Jim Zorn doghouse. Joe Gibbs, paging Joe Gibbs!

Jaguars 20, Packers 16 - Keith: "It's 7-0, Jack..." early...and the Pack is out of the postseason. Buster Chiller Horror Theatre. The laughter you now hear is aimed at Packers mismanagement for trading that Favre guy.

Colts 31, Lions 21 - The Lions are now 0-14, tying the '76 Bucs and the '80 Aint's for futility at the start of the season. Jim Rome Is Burninating is still cheering for the 0-16. BTW, Colts cheerleaders hot in blue Santa suits.

Falcons 13, Buccaneers 10 (OT) - All day, all year, Michael Turner runs amok for 152 yards, but Jason Elam walks off with the overtime field goal from 34 yards with our contesti watching. Saints have been eliminated with Falcons win combined with their OT loss to Da Bears.

Texans 13, Titans 12 - Titans more than likely caught looking ahead to Steelers next week, when home field in the AFC at stake. Kerry Collins looked according to Cris "Phil Collins", as Dan responds "In the air tonight".

Dolphins 14, 49ers 9 - The Niners post their number nine, number nine, number nine and it wasn't Marino vs. Montana, and David Martin at The Pentagon (Another news reference) scored a touchdown. We can read Joey Porter's lips and he wasn't praying.

Jets 31, Bills 24 - This Brett Favre thing is working out very well. All the Jacksons get into the end zone and we get an semi-impromptu Michael Jackson Puppet Theatre from Keith. Whoo hoo hoo. Jeff Triplette has another accident breaking his nose, and made the Michael Turner incident tame by comparison.

After Bob reminds us (by himself) about winning Super Bowl XLIII tickets...

Patriots 49, Raiders 20 - Randy Moss returned to Oakland, and we had back-to-back touchdowns on kickoff returns for the first time since October 2000. Bill Belechick won his 100th game in the regular season as Pats coach, and not all of them this year, or it would be a record.

Vikings 35, Cardinals 14 - Keith will have shout outs to everyone (except Billo). Game over at halftime, when it was 28-0 Vikings.

Panthers 30, Broncos 10 - I don't know what they did on the camera lens in frozen Colorado, but Dan didn't want to know. Carolina has the best offense in the NFL, and no one will try to stop them.

Steelers 13, Ravens 9 - We had controversy! Ray Lewis starts us off with Surfin' USA, and Rothlisberger was in more trouble than Blogo! Keith had to get tomorrow's #5 story in, but Santonio Holmes was not in the end zone as the ball failed to cross the imaginary infinite goal line plane.

Enjoy Giants-Cowboys everyone, and I'll be here for Countdown tomorrow (12/15) when Keith returns.

UPDATE: The G-men were declared MIA as they lost to the Cowboys, 20-8.

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