Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown Live Blog: 12/18/08

Once again, I'll spare you the numbers except one: Seven days until Christmas.

The Tie: Red grid.

Number 5: Pastor Rick Warren was chosen to be the man to deliver the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Warren was behind being in favor of Prop 8, protecting his freedom of speech. The six million GLAAD members protesth loudly, saying he's the Generalimissio on the anti-GLBT movement. Dr. Joesph Lowery, co-founder of the Southern Christan Leadership Conference with this Martin Luther King Jr. guy, will deliver the benediction. John Harwood arrives to summerize this. Warren's honored to be delivering this, or else.

More on the outrage, Rob Boston joins us from the Americans united for the Seperation of Church and State, and the religious right will be heard again. Just when they thought they were kicked out, they pulled them back in. In short, "[Warren]'s Jerry Falwell in a Hawai'ian shirt."

Number 4: War crimes and inditements with Herr Gobels Vice President Cheney and waterboarding and torture and refusing a pardon. On Rachael Maddow's show last night (12/17), Sen. Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committe called for a impartial committee. You think impeachment shoulda been called for had the Democrats gained control of Congress in 2004? John Dean joins us to anaylize the boastful confessions.

Breaking News: Minnesota's Supreme Court must allow 1,600 absentee ballots and that's good news for legit former comedian Al Franken in unseating Norm Coleman. Meantime, Blagogate continues and no questions on Obama's presser today. In other words, No "Oddball", "Best Persons" and "Musical Segue."

Bushed!: 3 - Cheney says this administartion will be remembered. For what? For who? 2 - Nexus of Politics and terror finds that numberous terrorist attacks including that mispronounced Los Angeles skyscraper. 1 - Insulting the dead. In this case, Fixed Noise said no one thought terrorists would fly 767. Stop it, Adolph ignored it.

Number 3: Would you buy a car from automakers that will be going out of business? Rest easy, Adolph XLII's on the case as much out of $14 billion after the Dixie Republicans killed off that bailout in the Senate last week. What would it be like to be president? Herbert Hoover. Harry Shearer of Le Show and the sixth Simpson joins us from N'Awlins (remember that, Herr Adolph?) to throw a few bones there, and compares them to airlines.

Number 2: Worst Persons in the World, the Fixed Noise Hoya Paranoia Will Destroya Edition
Bronze - Generalimissio Billo said he saved Christmas in Massachuetts because of lowering their carbon footprint. And they're overcovering The Orally Created War on Christmas telling viewers that they're wrong.
Silver - Gretchen Carlson stands with Billo on the War on Christmas stuff while interviewing none other than right wing nutjob (and I'm ashamed to say it, native Philadelphian) Michelle Malkin, who had to calm the former beauty queen down.
Gold - In exchange for Obama becoming Time's 2008 Man of the Year, Inanity says that their Washington bureau chief will be in charge Veep-elect Biden's communications, and calls shenanigans, mularkey, blarney and their brothers as well. Next thing you know, Sean got calmed down by none other than right wing nutjob and humorist L. Brett Bozell saying that presidential election winners usually win Man of the Year. Now that's saying something!

Number 1:
Flying Footwear Day Five. The Iraqi broadcast journalist wants a pardon from the government there. He's apologized about it, and wanted the pardon. Meanwhile, more protests around the world, and a marriage proposal to the guy who threw the size 10s. Late night comics aren't finished with it, either. And new web stuff showing Herr Bush ducking everything plus the kitchen sink. No, really.

And speaking of ducking, I'm ducking out for the night. Join me tomorrow for the final (live) Countdown. Of 2008. What were you expecting, Europe?

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