Sunday, December 21, 2008

Football Night in America Live Blog: 12/21/08

This was quite a historic day...for all the wrong reasons if you were a Detroit Lying Downs fan, or fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles or New York Jets.

The Lying Downs clinched the number one draft pick and became the first team to lose fifteen straight games to start the season. Tampa had an unbeaten record at home until the San Diego Chargers became the second team from the western part of the country to beat a team in the Eastern Time Zone, the Jets were supposed to walk all over the Seahawks, but the final home game for Mike Holmgren was a surprise win, and the Eagles were all but eliminated because they looked abysmal against the Redskins and behalf of JFein, FIRE ANDY REID!

And next week's Flex Game will be Broncos-Chargers for all the AFC West marbles. Tiki's at The Swamplands, with a cameo by NBC Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, Bus is in Nashville, and Bob, Peter and Cris are in the studio. And now, ladies and gentlemen, herrrrrrrrrre's Keith and Dan!

49ers 17, Rams 16: The "I Fired My Coach Bowl" goes to the Niners late with 14 fourth quarter points. Strip the "interim" title ASAP from Mike Singletary's title.

Saints 42, Lying Downs 7: Jim Rome is Burninating now happier. Next week, the Packers in Green Bay. Get out the old roll of stamps and mail it in, Lying Downs and the 1976 Bucs will be the sole winless team in the modern era no more!

Bungles 14, Brownies 0: Anything less said about this game the better, and Keith does not work at The Hackney School newspaper anymore.

Dolphins 38, Chiefs 31: It was -12 degrees wind chill, and the coldest game in Dolphins history. However, they had to get 14 fourth quarter points and hold off the Chiefs to win.

Chargers 41, Bucs 24: Say hello to Y. A. Tittle Garcia, and the LaMont Casons keep rolling along.

Patriots 47, Cardinals 7: Now, it looks like the Pats in spite of the way they have played will be out of the postseason with a possible 11 win season. The Pats played snow sweeper and the Cards were the snow. And Dan makes a "Generalimissio Billo Imaginary War on Christmas" joke after Wes Welker's snow angel.

Titans 31, Steelers 14: No Hayneswoth, no Vanden Bosch? No problem. Ben Rothelisberger to Santonio Holmes in the Santonio Area Code...while in the great press box in the sky, Myron Cope is wishing if there's a rematch in the AFC title game that LenDale White will be hurt and hurt seriously for stomping on one of his "Terrible Towels".

Bills 30, Broncos 24: The Broncs had a chance to salt the AFC West away, but now they're in the Flex Game next week...winner take all at San Diego against the Bolts.

Falcons 24, Vikings 17: Give credit to Atlanta's defense as Matt Ryan, the NFL Rookie of the Year thought he would fly. And a tip of the helmet to Matt Burk for helping older players.

Seahawks 13, Jets 3: The only way the Jets win the AFC East is if the Pats lose to Buffalo or the Ravens lose to Jacksonville and the Jets beat Miami next week. The only way the Pack gets a higher pick is if they make the playoffs, right now it's a fourth rounder.

Redskins 10, Eagles 3: Stick a fork in the Beagles, they're done. Redskins are home for the postseason making this a hollow victory. The Beagles must beat Dallas next week and have Oakland beat Tampa Bay.

Raiders 27, Texans 16: Scorecenter: As Kenny Mayne used to say, "It's just another case of the man keeping the Texans and the Raiders down." No highlights available.

Enjoy the battle for home field between the Panthers and the G-Men!

UPDATE: The Giants win in OT, 34-28 to clinch home field through the playoffs. I'll have an final Week 17 schedule for you tomorrow in all hopes.


  1. Nothing about FNIA, but that Eagles game was just flatout awful. It should not have even come down to those last 6 inches. Too many dropped passes. It was just flat-out disgusting.

  2. I gave you a shout out BTW with the "FIRE ANDY REID!" line.