Sunday, December 28, 2008

Football Night in America Live Blog: 12/28/08

We've seen history made today in Week 17 as I welcome you to the final live blog of Football Night in America for the 2008 NFL season.

That wild cheering you hear is Jim Rome is Burninating, as the Detroit Lying Downs did the job, surpassing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Charter Class of 1976 as professional football's most sucktacular frachise in the 88 year history of the National Football League. Also, Minnesota won the NFC North, the Bears and Bucs knocked themselves out of the postseason turning the Eagles-Cowboys game into a sudden death winner-take-all nuclear blowout of Dallas with the Birds heading to Minneapolis next week. And in the NFC South, Carolina will get a week off while Atlanta will soar west to face the Cardinals next week. Over in the AFC, the Patriots were praying to higher authorities that the Dolphins or the Ravens lose, but it did not happen.

We know Bob and Cris as well as Peter King are in Studio 8G. We'll let you know where Tiki and Bus are shortly...

And now, ladies and gentlemen (for the last time this year), a-heeeeeeeeeereeee's Keith and Dan!

Packers 31, Lying Downs 21: Oh for 2008 go the Lying Downs. Allowing two hundred yard runers, two 100-yard recievers in this game. Jim Rome Is Burninating celebrates the accomplishment as only he will, and now The Lying Downs are on the clock.

Bungles 16, Chefs 6: The Bungles acting like the forward pass was still illegal in 1906. Ginluca Paliuca! And which of these coaches will you be talking about on the unemployment line tomorrow? We all know that Mike Brown is the Worst Owner IN THE WORLD!

Steeers 31, Browns 0: Phyrric win for the Steelers as Big Ben suffered a concussion.

And look, Bus is in the studio!

Colts 23, Titans 0: Peyton Maning 7-for-7. Jim Sorgi was there. The Titans no so much in this glorified preseason game.

Falcons 31, Rams 27: On behalf of half of St. Louis, Bob Costas objects. Falcons will be in Glendale next weekend. Full schedule forthcoming.

Panthers 33, Saints 3: Talk about a Drew Brees...Saints trailed until the fourth and John Kasey wins the NFC South and a bye week as Tom Benson cries on the inside.

Vikings 20, Giants 19: Adrian Petreson runs amok, Derrick Ward and brian jacobs both rushed for 1,000 yards this season. But it was Ryan Longwell walking off with the NFC North with a fifty-yard field goal.

Texans 31, Bears 24: Hey, at least we had Matt "Stump the" Schaub spoiling Da Bears' post season. At least The Windy City has the Winter Classic at Wrigley Thursday (1/1/09).

Raiders 31, Buccaneers 24: To save cash, Chucky became cheerleader and aerobics instructor. Didn't happen thanks to Michael, um...Busssssssh!

Patriots 13, Bills 0: Bob and Cris take this one. 'Twas a fruitless eleven win season for Belecheat and the Boys, meaning that the Pats will pick 20th in the first round in April at Radio City Music Hall. Ever since the Celtics won that 17th NBA title in June, it's been close but not close enough in The Old Town. But it was the goalposts that were whacked out due to high winds before the games.

Your matchups for post season Wild Card Weekend:
AFC: Colts @ AFC West Saturday, 8:15 PM, Ravens @ Dolphins, Sunday 1 PM.
NFC: Falcons @ Cardinals, Saturday 4:30 PM, Eagles @ Vikings, Sunday 4:45 PM.

As for your Divisional Playoffs...
NFC: At Carolina, January 10, 8:15 PM, At NY Giants January 11, 1 PM.
AFC: At Tennessee, January 10,4:30 PM, at Pttsburgh January 11, 4:45 PM

The Conference finals are the 18th, with the NFC game at 3 PM and the AFC game at 6:30 PM. And as always, all times listed are US Eastern Time Zone.

Cardinals 34, Seahawks 21: The less said, the better.

49ers 27, Redskins 24: Another case of missing highlights as only those in the Federal Witness Protection Program saw them, and I have nothing more to say that is either relevant or true, Becky!

Ravens 27, Jaguars 7: Ray Lewis was fired up or he stepped on the pyro. Ravens clinch the six seed with the win.

Dolphins 24, Jets 17: Revenge is a dish best served up to people of taste cold. Chad Pennington goes to the playoffs, Brett Favre doesn't and like last year, his season ended with a pick.

Eagles 44, Cowgirls 6: Yoko Romo looked horrible at quarterback, the Eagles had five turnovers leading to 27 points on the board, and Andy Reid's off to Minneapolis next Sunday. And for the moment, employed for another year. This ten years to the day of the last Cowboy post season win and fifty years since The Greatest Professional Fooball Game Ever, Colts 23, Giants 17 at Yankee Stadium. You knew I had to get it in. And look, there's been a Tiki Barber sighting!

Well, that's it for the regular for the Broncos and Chargers. See you on Saturday for the condensed FNiA and between game show as well.

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