Thursday, December 11, 2008

Countdown Live Blog: 12/11/08

We have 39 days until Barack Obama's inauguration, have seen 2,051 days since the declaration of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, have a mere two weeks until Christmas, 20 days until Dick Clark drops his bigger ball on Times Square (and becomes a permament landmark atop One Times Square afterward), 50 days to plan that Super Bowl XLIII party, 62 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training, and 113 days until the Philadelphia Phillies begin the defense of their 2008 World Series Championship.

The Tie: Lavender again.

Number 5: President Bush XLIII thinks the Blagojevich mess is serious, and it now goes to impeachment in Illinois. What an original idea! Why didn't they think of that in DC? Even president-elect Obama was appaled - twice - over this mess, he didn't speak to the gBay man at all about it, and his office denied everything. Blagojevich has become the obscene Monty Hall, trying to make a deal for what's behind Door Number Two. Meanwhile, The Tribune Company is calling for supoenas on this, as they were shafted by the Illinois Governor over money for the Cubs' sale of Wrigley Field. Obama's still calling for his resignation and isn't getting it right now. You think the Illinois Lesiglature will now force this? Once again, Richard Wolffe in Bahstin, pahking his cah near Havahd Yahd, joins in to say are there others on behalf are in the dangerous gray area. And you thought his accent was funny?

Number 4: Car Bailout, Day 7. Those whacko far right wingnuts from the Good Ol' boys Party who are from states that have no USA-based car makers are out to bust the UAW because of that mythical $72/hour job when their states have lower saleries. More concessions because of that, eh? The UAW's already on board with Plan A, and helping non-American companies will kill Chrysler and GM. Daniel Gross answers that everyone in Motown is on life support. UPDATE: The South will rise again by killing off the Union of auto workers, just as the Republicans killed the bailout bill.

Oddball: In 1953, Bess Armstrong was born. And we visit Parliment in the UK where Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he saved the world, not the banks in the UK. In Greece, an overdressed streaker on the soccer pitch gets tripped by a player in a skullet who got the red card for violent conduct. And there's another reason that socer is the world's sport. And in a publicity stunt in Japan, we saw penguins in Santa suits. Generalisimo Billo The Clown was plaeased about the War on Christmas.

Best Persons: 3 - Four pizza thieves took a lot of money and four pizzas, and the cops followed their footprints in a snowstorm. 2 - John McCain is selling office supplies...not on QVC though. 1 - The Chicago Blackhawks were taking a three-day vacation until GM Dale Tallon (former color man) lost his father, so they voted to rent buses to their funeral.

Music Segue: None.

Number 3: Houston, YOU have a problem. A NASA represenative wants to meet with Obama face-to-face about a review of the project of living on the moon by 2020 after a heated exchange at a holiday party. Mark Matthews from The Orlando Sentinel, co-writer of the story, tells all about Mike Griffin, the rep and the story about this.

Bushed!: 3 - Twenty four more citizens medals were to Chuck Colson of Watergate, who later found religion and consulted Adolph Bush XLIII. 2 - The regional head of the DHS was in trouble and arrested in Boston, and now Secratary Michael Chertoff is feeling the heat of illegal aliens working for them cleaning their house. 1 - The endangered species stuff will be overturned in 39 days after Adolph XLIII singed orders. Worst. President. Ever. Again.

Number Two: Worst Person in the World
Bronze - Steve Ruhle got an e-mail of Michele Obama in her victory night dress right next to a black widow spider Photoshop with a description and boy is he sooo sorry.
Silver - Billo The Clown and Dick Morris mispronounce Patrick Fitzgerald's name as Gerald Fitzpatrick. Is it coincidence that the Northwestern football coach is also named Patrick Fitzgerald?
Gold - Former beauty queen contestant Gretchen Carlson and Billo The Clown are tied to anti seminites and white supremacy guys on this War on Christmas, and it wasn't Billo's fault and now they're carrying it again as it was written back in 1995!

Number 1: Who are the bottom half of the 25 most financially corrupt politicans of all time? Let's pay a visit to the recently reopened Countdown Hall of Fame, shall we? The top 12 will be unveiled on Monday.

Meantime, have a good night and a good day tomorrow.

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