Monday, December 15, 2008

Countdown Live Blog: 12/15/08

We have 36 days left until Inauguration Day, 2,055 days since "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, ten days until Christmas, 16 days until the ball drops at Times Square, 47 days until Super Bowl XLIII, 61 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, and a mere 110 days until the Phightin' Phillies begin defense of the 2008 World Series Championship at Citizens' Bank (Chan Ho) Park in Philadelphia.

The Tie: Grey, black and rust stripes.

Number 5: As Austin Powers asks us tonight: "Honestly, who throws a shoe?" A Iraqi TV reporter threw shoes at the President. It was a singular toss of a size 10 shoe from a guy who was detained by the troops, and there were protests calling for the release of said journalist. What the f*** is this, Ukrane Political Federation Tag Team Wrasslin'? Welcome Time's Bobby Ghosh who explains that there's an election in Iraq soon. And we learn that all this was the fact he was a martyr...

Howard Fineman joins us in "W. is for Whitewash" and says that a Pakistani diplomat was a sad, slapstick event as a last murmur of eight years of failure in Iraq. That therory soliciting Bush XLIII's leadership as thrown shoes was the ultimate insult.

Number 4: And now the Blago story. Obama's report will be released after the holidays, and there was no discussions imapropriate or otherwise. The request at the behest of U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, and three-quarters of those interviewed in a survey said this hasn't affected his transistion to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. Unless, you're John McCain and the Republicans. Hello, Eugene Washington. Nice new background as the preperation to HD come the second quarter of 2009 begins. When will it end? Quoting an old ad, "Only Blago's hairbrush knows for sure."

Oddball: In 1921, Alan Freed was born, the creator of rock-and-roll. Also was the first guy to take payola, a term Blago knows a lot about. Alas, the White House AV Club shows us the final Barney video, no not that Barney. I would like to see that other video where he snapped the reporters, and Michael Phelps makes another appearence on one of the networks of NBC. Did you know his favorite color is gold?

Number 3: Caroline Kennedy wants to seek the New York Senate seat, Colorado Senator Ken Salazar will become Secratary of the Interior, and in Minnesota, the Senate race recount continues between Norm Coleman and Al Franken. CNBC's John Harwood is in studio tonight to tell her story as it were.

Number 2: Worst Persons in the World
Bronze - Fixed Noise changes their logo to green not for the environment, but for the holidays. There ya go, Billo.
Silver - Oh here we go about Shinsheski again. Calling Mularkey, BS, Blarney and the brothers therein!
Gold - There's been a Glenn Beck sighting as he talks and turns into being worse than "Joe The Plumber" on Hilary...oh, pluh-eeze!

Number 1: Tonight, the top half of the Twenty Five Worst Political Financial Scandals. So, where does Blago belong if anywhere? And who is the top "graft" pick? Click the link to find out.

I'm off to watch WWE Raw. See you tomorrow.

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