Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why We're Calling Ms. HuffPo "Mama Bear" 'Round Here...

The giddy genius of Seth McFarlane has produced a spinoff of Family Guy involving Cleveland Brown and his clan. The new 30-minute series - called The Clevelad Show - sends Clevleand and his new family from Quahog, Rhode Island to a small town in Virginia that includes as their neighbors human bears (played by McFarlane and Ariana Huffington). I heard that Mr. Olbermann will drop by this series as a guest voice this season.

The show premieres September 27 at 8:30 PM ET/PT (right between The Simpsons and Family Guy) on your local FOX affiliate.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder if this will fare any better than the ill-fated Sit Down And Shut Up.

    It seems to me that Fox is trying too hard to find that next big hit animated series like The Simpsons And Family Guy and I'm not sure if it is working. For the sake of Seth, Arriana, and Keith if he is a future guest star, let's hope that I'm wrong!