Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 6/10/09

The Tie: Tealish silver.

Number 5: James Van Brunn, 88, killed an security guard named Steven Tyler Johns today at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC a mere mile from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Claiming to have been a WWII vet, the Department of Homeland Security warned us about this, the Good Oldboysandgirls Party was outraged about it and Homeland Secratary Janet Napotalino has had to apologize for it. Police clam he was a loner and was sentenced to 6.5 years in jail in 1983 for trying to arrest members of the Federal Reserve Board. Pete Williams updates this story for us.
Meanwhile, Prof. Jack Levin of Northeastern University joins us to anaylize the recent events.

Number 4: Any other day, this would be the Number 5 story...Quick, name the leader of the Good Oldboysandgirls Party. Accoridng to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, the answer is nobody, with an overwhelming (or in the GOP's case, underwhelming) 52%. However, Comedian Boss Limbaugh was the highest ranked among those that were named at 13%, the Ayatollah Dickcheney got 10% whole John McCain and Newt Gingrich each got six percent, but Tina Fey's Evil Twin Sister only got four votes. Okay, Richard Wolffe, no one is in charge. What do you do?

Oddball: In 1971, Michael Rennie passed away. Another bear in a tree in South Carolina and then in New Mexico. Cue the trampoline again! At the Bush compound, a traveling cast from A Chorus Line dropped by. So, are those actors are you happy to have a birthday, Barbara? And from the mugshot file, Phil Spector's new Wall of Sound is the echoes of his jail cell. Sans toupee.

Best Persons: 3 - checked into why homers have been flying out of the new Yankee Satdium and they found out The House That Steinbrenner Built has the fences five feet closer from the old place. 2 - An unknown bankrobber was caught with her heists in a recycled grocery bag. 1 - Carrie Prejean was sacked as Miss California USA by Donald Trump after getting the news from Billy Bush.

Musical Segue: Sha Na Na "Get A Job." They haven't been the same since Bowzer left.

Number 3: Sonia Sotomayor's latest furor amongst the GOP is that over many cases. Sen. Jeff Sessoms (R-AL) claims that she's a racist against white males. Gee, Michael Steele "Sieve", the same saying, eh? The Senate will have vetterd everything but the last 13 years. Well, Chris Cillizza, why we might have to wait until beforwe that First Monday in October for the whole shebang to occur?

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)

Bronze - Joe Ferra of WorldNetDaily claimed that the personal info about the two doctors with late term abortions was target of Olbermann's segment, and claims he has dozens of viewers. Try 1.2 milion.
Silver - Comedian siad that Obama and God don't have birth certificates, and James Vann Braunn opens fire at the Holocaust Museum. Poor joke, poor timing, poor everything.
Gold - Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN Mars) claimed to send successful Chrysler dealerships along with General Motors dealers along with a state senator. She also said "We've been a super power because of free market ecomonists." That would be economics! This is why WPitW was invented! Firedog Lake, please take note!

Number 1: Mister David Letterman would like to apologize to Bristol, eldest daughter of Miss Wasilla 1984 for the poor choice of humor on his show Monday night (6/8). He also wants to apologize for the "slutty airline flight attendant" joke as well in his Top Ten List. Miss Wasilla 1984, your thoughts? And yes, Keith objected to being near those seats with Rudy Giluianni. Craig Crawford, deliver the punchline!

And so with that, we'll see you tomorrow.


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