Thursday, June 4, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 6/4/09

Congrats to San Francisco Giants pitcher The Big Unit, Randy Johnson, becoming the 24th (and most likely last of this generation) on winning his 300th game over the Washington Nationals by the score of 5-1 in the first game of a makeup doubleheader. He also became the sixth lefthander to reach the mark.

The Tie: Tan and white stripes.

Number 5: "If al-Qaeda wants to destroy [the country] we know and love, they better hurry because [President Obama] is beating them to it." With that, Comedian Boss Limbaugh has now landed on Mr. Obama's $#!+ list. This hours after Obama made his speech in Cairo, Egypt this morning to the Muslim world. The 44th President stated that there is no war with Islam, but relentlessly confront extreme opposition, get us out of the failure in Iraq, mentioned the 3,000 deaths of those on 9/11 via al-Qaeda. The President also mentioned the holocaust, saying Jews and Palistines should get along and play nice, and also mentioned that 9/11 will no longer be used an excuse for war or waterboarding and other forms of torture, and also spoke about The Golden Rule. He also went on tourist duty, opting out of Ron Emanuel's camel riding. So Howard Fineman, how'd the speech go?

The president will go to Germany to visit a concentration camp tomorrow (6/5) and then to Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day to complete the trip Saturday (6/6).

Number 4: More on Mr. Far Reich Wing Extremeist No Longer De Facto Leader of the Good Oldboysandgirls Party's comments from Eugene Robinson. Maybe it's time to officially retire the Follow The Bouncing Rush tag.

HILARITY ALERT: In the segue to the break during the 8 PM livecast, they showed a bear in a tree while talking about Matt Hasselbeck's sister-in-law's comments of democorocy in Obama's speech on The View. Stay tuned for the Worsts for more.

Oddball: In 1965, Andrea Jaeger was born, and now she's a nun in Durango, Colorado. In nearby Breckenridge, it's a bear in a tree who came down on his own. And in Toronto another bear was up in a tree, and cue the bouncing bear with our old friend Craig Kilborn!

Meanwhile, in Amhurst, New York, there's a cat in a wheel well. From Buffalo. Probly didn't like TO. And in Ardmore, Oklahoma the annual forklist rodeo was held.

Best Persons: 3 - George Jackson, who was third in Tuesday's WPitW (6/2), had his facts mixed up on Tiger Stadium. 2 - Hal Turner, internet radio host pulls a Billo The Clown and states the names and addresses of politicians, and was arrested for creating a disturbance. 1 - Peter Bielecke from Trenton was arrested for six weeks of bank robbery. Every Thursday. It happens like clockwork.

Musical Segue: Se habla espanol?

Number 3: The Adolph XLIII plan for the Mideast was that Israel froze all assests on the left bank, but kept building houses anyway. Obama is ignoring it according to Israeli prime minister Ben "Nothing But the Bottom Of The" Netinyahu. Col. Lawrence Wilkenson, USA (Ret.) now will tell you why this is going on.

Still Bushed!: 3 - More Blackwater murder suits were filed. 2 - War Crimes for another United Nations call with War Crimes. 1 - In 1999, if Adolph XLIII ever became President, he wanted to follow his father into Iraq. Daddy said like Hamlet's ghost "AVENGE ME, W. AVENGE ME!!!" Best quote from retired comic Dennis Miller BTW before crossing over to the dark side.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has a new media caucus thing. See "". Try being congressmen.
Silver - Matt Hasselbeck's sister-in-law and Michael Rubin didn't hear the word "democracy" in Obama's speech. Try hearing it four times.
Gold - Jill Stannic of WorldDailyNet posts two more locations for late term abortions. Now crazy gunmen will go there and asassinate the doctors.

Number 1: When the GOP Senators says it's time for stop slamming Judge Sotomayor on her road to SCOTUS, aides says "Keep the pressure on." Manuel Miranda, he of the filibuster and third place WPitW on Wednesday (6/3) has given up the ghost. Chris Cillizza tells us more.

I'll tell you what, I'll be back tomorrow for the start of the weekend.

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