Friday, June 19, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 6/19/09

The Tie: Light blue.

Number 5: The supreme leader of Iran said that it's the USA and Great Britain to blame for the presidential election fuck up and there will be blood after saying the system is on the up-and-up as it were. So they want to party like it's 1099? Also mentioned was the Branch Davidian church in 1993. Both houses of Congress condemned this, including a no vote from Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), he of the Ron Paul for President 2008 campaign, from the supression of cell phones and internets. Bobby Ghosh from Time Magazine gives us the supreme leader's news, while Jonathon Alter gives out the political side of the story.

Number 4: The CIA internal report was scheduled to be released today that was from 2004, and was released last year with Gestapo-like censorship, doubting enhanced interigatiion techniques waterboarding. Jonathon Landay from McClatchy newspapers is here to analyize it all.

President Obama has now been immortalized by JibJab thanks to his love of the Marvel Comics Spiderman. The key word here is "Pirates". Arrrrrrr. (Rupert, is that you?)

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Numbers 3 and 2: More on last night's Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!? moment, and two more e-mailed via Wonkette relased. Which leads us to...

Worst Persons in the World
Bronze - John Boehner's criticism of those Obama monies. Good to know.
Silver - The California Good Oldboysand girls Party hired Mr. Jacoby who was guilty of pulling an alleged ACORN trick.
Gold - Jeffrey Smith wants the release of the Ayatollah Dick Cheney interview outing Valerie Plame, and wanted not to how it winds up on Late Night talk shows.

Oddball (The Special Lead-In to President Obama's Comedy Act Part II Edition): On this day in 1849, the first baseball game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey.  HOBOKEN?  OOOOOOOOH, I'M DYIN'!  Which leads us to bat tricks by a member of the Long Beach Armada and references to the 1946 Looney Tunes classic Baseball Bugs.  Over in Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey Land, the Tour de Prisions concluded.  Sadly, nobody tried to break away.  And in Montana, a cake maker and stuntman delivers a cake to the Helena Fire Department simply, dare I say, en fuego. ("That's One!")

Number 1:
President Obama's comedy tour continues at the Radio and TV Correspendent's Dinner in Washington. Try the waitress ad tip the veal! Thankfully, no mention of a follow up by Wanda Sykes, but the PC guy from the "PC vs. Mac" ads was the follow-up speaker.

And formal apologies for the Virtual Middle Fingers my computer has given me tonight, I had to restart it six times to complete this blog.  I'll see you on Monday if this doesn't act up.

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