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Countdown Live Blog: 6/16/09

(Guest posted by JFein from Fire Andy Reid Now!)

Let's get this party started!

Today we've got Iran and Twitter, Obama is going Bushian by not releasing a visitor list, evidence that torture does not work, and Mary Catheryn Ham is criticizing Obama's mistake while making a spelling error herself in worsts, and Palin's accepting of Letterman's apology.

The tie: Black with silver and purple stripes.

Number 5: More disturbing images from Iran. Apparently they never heard of political civility. Were some ballots not counted or ignored? And we've got Twitter getting involved and being taken offline for a bit by the U.S. Government because of it's vital use thus far in the Iranian presidential election. I never thought I would see the day. John McCain is not happy about it, and is vehement about this being a sham of election. Staying on the subject of McCain for a bit, in 1988, the American people knocked once for the Father, in 2000 they knocked twice and got the Son, thank goodness there was not a 3rd knock in 2008 and we did not end up with the Holy Ghost (/Fall Out Boy'd). We've got Richard Engel of NBC News who is sporting that clean cut look thath the 1990s will be laughed at for in later decades. I pretty much said as much on this Iran incident last night and aside from the new breakthrough of Twitter, I don't have really anything to add. And I don't have anything about Twitter either. Other than what is happening in Iran is certainly not a tweet. Get it? Tweet......it sort of sounds like treat.....as in this is not a good thing. Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? Back to Countdown, why does Engel insist on calling Ayatollah Khomeni, The Supreme Leader? I mean, I know that's what his title is, but he couldn't call him Ayatollah Khomeni, as in The Supreme Leader's name? (and Ayatollah is the title of Supreme Leader). Props to Engel, though. I've never seen anyone a random guest on Countdown drone on and on and on and on and on like he just did.

Richard Wolffe is here. Here's a little known and/or forgotten fact, Richard Wolffe actually was a member of the press that constantly followed around George W. Bush during the campaign of the would be controversial Election of 2000. Iran is talking about what is to be done about Iran and whether or not what McCain's motives are for the aforementioned comments.

And still to come, Obama and the White House are for some random reason keeping the names of visitors to the White House from the American people. Yeah, that's against the Supreme Court ruling and just flat out stupid. And more on waterboarding and torture.

Number 4: The Obama Administration is not giving out the names of White House visitors, which does go against court rulings. And this is something that was done by everyone's favorite presidential administration, the Bush Administration! Chris Hayes from The Nation joins us. And yeah, I'm not quite sure what the point of this is either. And that is something that a mass amount of people only get curious about is when it is deprived of the American people. And all of a sudden this turned into a conversation about gay marriage. How, I'm not sure. But while we are on that subject, SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE NOW!!! (/Strong feeling toward issue'd).

We;ve got an animal coming out of a soda machine and Mr. Bouncy Bouncy is a Worst Person. Will he win the gold or will Miss I Can't Spell take the honors? Find out later tonight!

Oddball: The first newscast premiered on this day in history. And in Tulsa, there was a drunk guy who somehow ended up on the top of a roadsign. And also in TUlsa, ther is a raccoon in a Pepsi machine! Hmmm......tastes like Coke. And President Obama's CNBC interview was interrupted by a fly and HE SMACKED AND KILLED THE FLY!!!!! BOO!!!!! YOU STINK!!!! Sorry, I have a compassion for animals (/good friend sending me disturbing video and ranting about how animals should not be abused'd).

Best Persons
3 - A man who was reported missing was really fishing. His wife reported him missing after saying he could leave. 2 - A man ended up with 176 tickets. 1 - Some genius literally shot himself in the ass. No, really. He had a gun in his pocket, it went off, and a bullet went straight up the ole deriere. I bet he has a real pain in the ass now.

Aspeaking of pain in the ass, how about Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live last night? Damn, that was brutal. Here's where to go if you want to see the only time I have ever felt bad for Joe Buck.

Number 3: The 9/11 mastermind allegedly lied while being tortured about the location of Osama Bin Laden. Yes, he gave a location and yes, he made one up. If only they could hire Cal Lightman in order to detect lying, that way we would not for sure whether KSM (I will not embarrass myself by trying to spell his full name) was lying about the location of bin Laden, and in turn, figure out where Bin Laden was. Jonathan Landan from McClatchy Newspapers (Where......???????) joins us. Is it just me, or does it seem wrong that that voice is coming out of that body (talking about Landan).

Worst persons coming up next! Who will take the gold? Find out next!

Numer 2 (Worst Persons In The World)
Bronze - Tom Cox, running for U.S. Senate, hired a bakers' dozen illegal immigrants for seven years.
Silver - Mary Catherine Ham of the Weekly Standard criticized Obama for making a gaffe, but in that column, she spelled the number 2 as "too". Um, irony much?
Gold - It's Comic Bouncy!!! (See what I did there?) Limbaugh is speaking on behalf of the LGBT. And making no sense in the process.

Number 1: I covered this story in the post below so I won't go into great depth here, but I did not catch the fact that Palin once again got the Constitution wrong in that Freedom of Speech in the U.S. Bill of Rights does not cover what is said on TV. You'd think that a history major such as myslef would catch that. And people are still protesting in front of the Late Show. All 10 of them, that is. Margaret Carlson has more.

Tomorrow at 5:45, healthcare benefits will be extended to partners of gay/lesbian employees of the federal government.

See you tomorrow for I Survived A Japanese Game Show live blog. Not sure how it will be done yet, but it will be done.

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