Monday, June 22, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 6/22/09

The Tie: Navy, red and gold stripes.

Number 5: More hardline guards breaking up supporters of the opposition as the fallout from the Iran government riots and presidential election continues, and minutes after a female protester was shot and killed moments after a riot being bled to death. Her family prohibited from having a funeral by order of the Ayatollah, again living in the 11th century. Even President Obama supports the protesters while Marco Rubio (R), a Senate canidate says The Second Amendment - the right to bear arms - is needed to beextened to Iranians. Richard Engel reports in story on the foreign POV, while Richard Wolffe plays the political sights.

At this point, my computer did it's Stone Cold Steve AustinTM virtual double middle finger salute to my Mr. McMahonTM. So everything from this point out is from my memory or from their web pages.

Number 4: Keith interviews a University of Pennsylvania professor about Iran's crisis ffollowing his vote in the election last week.

Oddball: A journalist committed suicide in 1954. Play us out, synthizer sea otter! And in Ohio, an amazing super shot from a middle schooler on the last day of school.

Best Persons: 3 - Man in Colorado cannot believe he was outlived by Keith Richards. 2 - Keith take note: Man in Sacto bombs (with roach bombs) an apartment complex. 1 - headline on cheddar sculptor: "MAN TO CUT CHEESE THIS WEEKEND."

Musical Segue: Farmer in the Dell

Number 3: More than 70% want government controlled health care...Howard Dean ("Yeahhhhhhhhhhgh!") joins us.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)

Bronze - Lancaster, PA becomes George Orwell's 1984.
Silver - Charile Krauthammer and Bill Bennett double down on the ayatollah in Iran.
Gold - Missouri State representative Cynthia Davis (R-16th District) pulls a Marie Anotinette telling hungry children to work at McDonald's and she's the chairperson of the children's committee.

Number 1: Hey look, John Hodgman, the "PC" of the "Mac vs. PC" ads is here to talk about President Obama's nerdiness and check on LeBron James coming visit to The Executive Mansion's new basketball-over-the-old-tennis court.

See you tomrrow.



    //Is Keith doing any story on this national absurdity tonight?