Sunday, October 11, 2009

If You Thought There Was Confusion With the Baseball Postseason Scheduling...

Here's what today's (10/11) schedule looks like:

  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Orange County California USA Western Hemisphere Third Rock from the Sun Milky Way Galaxy Crab Nebula at Boston, 12 noon ET
  • Yankees at Minnesota, 7 PM
  • Phillies at Rockies, 10 PM
If MLB had any sense, Yankees-Twins at 3 PM, Angels-Red Sox at 6:30, Phillies-Rockies at 10 PM.  We won't know the time for Game 4 of Phillies-Rockies tomorrow (10/12) but it will be announced after the finish of NYY-MIN, so if both LAA-BOS and NYY-MIN are sweeps, it's a 8:07 PM ET first pitch.  If one series continues, expect a 5:07 ET first pitch, and if there are two ALDS Game Fours, a 2:37 PM ET start for PHI-COL.  Either way, thwe road to repeat will go through Chavez Ravine as the Dodgers swept the Cardinals.

1 comment:

  1. If Yankees win, it's a 6:07 PM ET start.
    If the Twins win, it's a 4:07 PM ET start.