Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Rainout, No Live Blog and Nothing Else To See...Move Along...

All righty, two quick notes for you:

  1. Game Six of the 2009 ALCS has been postponed until tomorrow (10/25) at 8:20 PM US EDT becuase of heavy rains, a thunderstorm and high winds.  The same stuff I get here in Philadelphia.  If a seventh game is needed, that would be Monday (10/26) at 7:55 PM US EDT.
  2. No NFL live blog for us (JFein, Keith, et al) this week.  Mookie, like his Seahawks, decided to take a bye week, so may we suggest a visit to the new site being assisted by those at Awful Announcing, for you live blogging needs.
Other than that, nothing to see, please move along.  Other than that, the Football Night in America live blog for tomorrow is still on.

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