Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Need A Halloween Costume? On The Cheap?

So you're looking for a Halloween costume to host that adult beverages party you're planning or you're going to Vegas to go to the Tropicana and appear on the new revival of Let's Make A Deal.  You need a costume.  Quick.  Cheap.  In a hurry.  The seasonal stores (Spirit Halloween and Halloween Adventure) are way too risky.  What do you do?  Sure, at the old ERT site one year, I made fun of a few of Uncle Keith's enemas, er, enemies like Rush Limbaugh by suggesting that you carry around Post-Its as perscriptions and "selling them" to doctors and carry only blue M&Ms.

There's a site called the Costume Idea Zone that's just right for you.  Lots of good ideas and more.

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