Friday, October 9, 2009

And the Weather Outside Will Be Frightful...

And could the photo to the right be not so delightful?  From AccuWeather:

Wintry conditions in Denver this weekend have potential to affect or even cancel Game 3 of the MLB National League Division Series.

At this time, is forecasting mostly cloudy skies with a high of 36 degrees for Saturday's match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies.

By the 7:37 p.m. MDT start, temperatures will drop to 27 degrees with a chance of up to an inch of snow falling before the game.

While the postponement of MLB games due to low temperatures and snow is uncommon, it is not unheard of.

Postponements due to wintry conditions are most common in the early portion of the baseball season in cities located in the Northeast, Great Lakes and Midwest.

This season's Opening Day match-up on April 6 between the White Sox and Royals was a recent casualty after being canceled because of snow, cold temperatures and high winds.

Games can also be canceled due to just very low temperatures as well. An April 5, 2007, game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers was rescheduled after the day brought a high of only 31 degrees.

A "snow-out" at Coors Field last occurred on April 10, 2008, forcing a match-up with the Atlanta Braves to be rescheduled after a total of 1.6 inches fell. Another occurred in April 2007 when a series of Indians and Mariners games were canceled after 10 inches of snow pounded Jacobs Field in Cleveland.

The defending World Champion Phillies are no strangers to postponed playoff games. Last year's decisive Game 5 of the World Series was halted in the sixth inning due to rain. The final three innings were played out two days later.

Maybe Jolly Cholly has them right where they have 'em with the bullpen of Happ and Blanton...

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  1. It's official. Ball game postponed tonight; will be played tomorrow at 10:05 ET. The game originally scheduled for Sunday has been moved to Monday, time TBD, and Game 5, if necessary, looks like will still be on Tuesday.