Monday, October 5, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 10/6/09

The Tie: Plain black.

Number 5: Wanna work for Wellpoint, forget it.  Try an 18.5% increase in Maine, and go to court.  meanwhile, President Obama has 63% in a new NPR poll on a mixed public and private poll in front of every doctor...well, one from every state.  Sen. Barasso (R-WY) is alarmed on Medicare cuts, and those at Daily Kos looked at the state of Arkansas with 63% in favor of the puiblic option, and Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D Traitor-AR) voted against that, so Howard Fineman, what are the options? And Dr. Paul Hakfeld from a group calling themselves Mad as Hell Doctors was there and explains why.

Number 4: Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is a Republican who has something the far reich doesn't have: brains, and he has thrown Prof. Harold Hill and Comedian Boss Limbaugh under the bus because they don't represent the party policy.  Just ask Michael Steele Sieve, the Good Oldboysandgirls Party leaderless leadership with a Senior's Bill of Rights.  Also, the guy who led the McCain-Tina Fey Evil Twin Sister Epic Failure tossed Miss Wasilla 1984 from the train, am I right Richard Wolffe?

No Oddball or Best Persons tonight; instead, from the Football Night in America show last night that I missed, a heartwarming football story about a coach who helped his opposition do something special for one of the opposing team's players who had come down with cancer.  Video to follow later.

Number 3: Back to that Fancy Pageant Walker and her 2012 presidential chances:  slim...and none.  So as we stated, a guy who ran the McCain/Miss Congeniality of Miss Alaska 1984 will be The Apocalypse, name of John Weaver and Steve Schmidt, the latter would be asked on Friday (10/2), so are we correct to assume a hell in a handbasket scenerio for the GOP when you were there, Margaret Carlson?

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - George Will denies climate change for the seventh column in a row.  Say, called him.
Silver - Comedian Boss Limbaugh lays out the Olympic vote and cliches as well. The USOC and the IOC are at odds.  The White House was right: it was about politics.
Gold - Rep. Paul Brown (R-GA) told a guy who was suicidal to go to an ER for medicine he can't afford for depression.  Paul Brown is not a doctor, he plays one on TV.

Number 1: As Stealers' Wheel once sang in their one hit wonder, Keith's stuck in the middle with David Letterman and the man from CBS News who tried to extort the new King of Late Night.  Tell us all, Mr. O.

I'm off to watch The Favre Bowl Big Ben on WWE RAW, so I'll see you tomorrow.

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