Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Fucktard Emeritus Thaddeus Jagoff Slimeball...

Via the Philadephia Daily News Op-Ed Pages from Greg Hasselback of Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

AFTER reading Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers refer to Philadelphia fans as "drunken uglies," I want to share my thoughts with him - and Daily News readers:

It's surprising that an award-winning writer can be so boorishly stereotypical in regards to Philadelphia fans. I realize it's your job to say edgy or controversial things, but as so often is the case, you let a minority of bad behavior justify a sweeping overgeneralization.

If anything, just the opposite is true, Mr. Simers. Philadelphia fans are, more often than not, FIERCELY PASSIONATE. They are, more often than not, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE, in regard to the sport of baseball, and other sports as well.

Above all, Philadelphia fans are - despite the fact that we won't hesitate to boo our own players (God forbid!) who are paid millions of dollars generated by our hard work - UNERRINGLY LOYAL.

They have endured 10,000 losses, horrible teams, poor minor-league development and even worse personnel decisions. The list goes on.

Yet, season after season, we stay true to the Red and White as the Los Angeles fans famously "bleed Dodger Blue" - a claim I find dubious, though I won't make the same stereotypical judgments you have made, sir.

We come back year after year, despite the painful memories of seasons past to cheer (and boo) our team.

Yes, we will taunt your players. I challenge you to visit any major league ballpark and not find that. I've heard insults to players in other stadiums that would make your mother blush.

And. yes, there have been more than a few unfortunate though rarely tragic incidents of Philadelphia fans behaving poorly, illegally in an ill-mannered way - "drunken ugly," as you so colorfully put it.

But if insulting an entire fan base is the hallmark of an award-winning writer, then you deserve the Pulitzer Prize, "Mr." Simers.

And my grandmother just rose from the dead to deliver this to you, Slimeball...

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